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A great way to waste time and help me out. Greatest, most informative threads.

Oct 8, 1998

I am working on my Forums page, which is an index of the various Forums that include knives and a great big list of threads from those Forums, a kind of 'greatest threads'. The emphasis is on information and good discussions, the meat and potatos of our conversations.

Now, I have spent a large amount of time putting this list together, but I feel absolutely certain that I have left some really great threads out. If you know of any, please email me the title of the thread and the URL of the thread, and I will add it if apropriate. Of course, you might look at my list to see if it is already included....

And if someone wants to search the Archives, there is a great untapped resevoir of information.

Obviously, I don't have much to offer, but when this is done, you will have a place to point out when someone asks one of those questions like.....

"What is the best neck knife...."

We all suspect that a good number of those who are directed to do a search fail to do so, with my site, you can send them to an organized list of threads about neck knives and a good number of other topics.....

In fact, I already have a list of neck knife threads.....

And as the expression goes, "many hands make light work".

If you can help that would be great, but if you can't, please feel free to avail yourself of the information I have accumulated on my site.

Thank you,
Marion David Poff aka Eye, Cd'A ID, USA mdpoff@hotmail.com

Talonite and Cobalt Materials Resource Page

"We will either find a way, or make one." Hannibal, 210 B.C.
Marion, I was just at your page with the new organized links... You should win a prize for your effort and thoughtfulness. Thankyou.