A Gurkha House Forum

Mar 8, 1999
I've been approached by many forumites about starting a Gurkha House forum. I'd thought about this in the past, and had thought that there was only room for one Khukuri forum. That is, until somebody pointed out to me that a Gurkha House forum would not just be about khukuris, but more exactly, about Gurkha House khukuris. Perhaps a Gurkha House forum could have prevented the silliness that developed about a month ago on the Himalayan Imports forum (and about which, for my part, I apologize). Spark said he could have a Gurkha House forum up and running in about a half an hour. Is there any interest?

Craig Gottlieb
Gurkha House
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I think a forum of your own is a great idea -- it'll remove the temptation to keep horning in on the HI forum....
Why not join the Non-Specific Manufacturers Forum, and then if you get a lot of traffic you could move to a separate forum later?

In general I think it's better to have a few forums that all get enough traffic to be worth checking frequently than to split everything up into such fine categories that some forums get little traffic -- it's a vicious cycle; if a forum doesn't get much traffic people don't visit it frequently and it can end up dying out completely.... I don't know how much traffic a Gurkha House Forum would get, but it's easier to split up a forum that's getting overloaded with too many posts to keep up with than to combine several existing small forums into one big one.

-Cougar Allen :{)
I agree with Anthony on this one. Just use the non-specific forum.


Tom Carey

Go for the GH forum. You don't know what volume of traffic it will produce until you try it. Your knives are being purchased and reviewed with increasing frequency. Give the reviewers a specific place to comment on your specific product.

Just my opinion.


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Use the non specific forum for now, and if the traffic warrants it, we'll give you your own forum.


Kevin Jon Schlossberg
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I'll definitely use the non-specific forum for a while. Thanks for the input. Still, feel free to continue to add comments, as I appreciate any advice and guidance.

Craig Gottlieb
Gurkha House
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