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a "happy" knife incident

Jan 20, 2001
I forgot which town it was but it think it was somewhere in SC, cause the Attorny General there made that statement about it being "open season" on home invaders.

Anyhoo, someone stopped a home invasion by impaling the bad guy with a sword!!! I don't think charges were pressed.

A person shouldn't have to feel guilty or ashamed because they had to defend themselves, the pacifists should be ashamed for making people feel that they have no right to defend themselves.
There is nothing "happy" about people having to defend themselves. I'm also particularly displeased that a "sword" was used. Maybe I just don't enjoy the world enough to appreciate how degraded society is.
I'm the one who is always saying how I hate when people get too political at these forums.

So I will say nothing but applaud (hands clapping) the guy you skewered the POS who was stupid enough to invade the sanctity of another person's home.

IMO, scum deserve what's coming to them...
Can you imagine the look on the intruders face as the guy comes at him with a sword? Hehe.
It was in downtown Columbia, SC near the Univ. of South Carolina campus. My great-neice lives next door to where it happened. A couple of weeks before that, a body was found about 50 feet from her front door. The body was so badly beaten, the police still don't know if it was hit many times by a car or by dozens of hits with a blunt weapon. (to bring it back on topic) I just bought her a 16" khukri, and spent some time with her teaching her what little I know. Her grandfather gave her a 45 revolver and a membership at a local range. She also just got the great dane she's wanted since she was 10. Scary place to live, but atleast Charlie Condon's (the Attorney General) declaration means we can spend more on weapons and training now rather than worrying about legal fees later. I worked as an armored car driver for several years in Columbia, and my company spent more in legal fees to protect themselves and the guards from the police than they did on salaries. I hated to think that more of the money I made for the company went into a lawyer's pocket than into mine and my coworkers pockets. I can only hope that the declaration that you have the right to protect yourself at home with no legal or civil recrimination will be expanded to include outside of your home too.
I'm definitely not happy about hearing about anybody getting killed but if a person breaks into someone's house, that person is asking for trouble and if they get killed, they get killed. If the person using the sword clearly was defending his or her home, the weapon they used shouldn't even come into the picture. Authorities discourage guns so if people end up cutting or bashing burglars no one should be surprised.
I dont think 'happy' is the word I would use to describe what happened. However, I am glad the homeowner had the courage and presense of mind to defend his home, and his family. Although he has nothing to be 'happy' about, he also has NOTHING to be ashamed of either. The unfortunate thing is that a bad guy forced the homeowner into the position of having to injure/kill another person, but the only one at 'fault' is the bad guy and nobody else. Bad guy is dead because he made a poor choice...life gos on for the good guy, and that is a good thing.

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My wife loves telling the story of when we lived in an apartment and the exterminator came in unnanounced. I met him at the door with a claymore. I wish I could remember the look on his face, but I don't remember it. I wasn't awake enough. My wife tells me it was priceless, though. She said she didn't know what scared him more, the sword or the fact that I hadn't dressed before getting up.


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Maybe I missed something,but I didn't read where anyone was "killed" It said "stopped" and "impailed",now maybe he did die but it does not say that.Either way I will say ,I am happy and we all are better off,one less guy doing this crap and maybe a few others who will think twice.
I sure don't feel bad for the burgalar as I did with the other two "sad incidents" A few more horror stories on the street like that and housebreaks will be at an all time low in SC. Either that coat of mail will come back in street style clothing.
I went to USC. I lived on Blossom street at one point. I worked in a research lab then too. I liked it there at first, then I got a dose of ivory tower babble. It was when Barnard Goetze had his little problem on the subway. I heard about evil guns quite a bit. I had the revolver my mom gave me though. Now I would be exiled for having it I suppose.

What's wrong with using a sword to defend oneself with? Swords are more than just cool decorations, right? Didn't they start out as a weapon? The fact that someone had to get close enough to somebody else to get stabbed should make the self defense call easier.
Good job home owner!

One Bad Guy down 100,000 to go.

Some people make the world a better place by living; some people make it a better place by dying.
I believe totally in our right to protect ourselves from harm with whatever means necessary. If this was done to protect himself or his family then he did the right thing. If it was done out of anger at being robbed then he should be charged with aggravated assault. The right to defend ourselves does not give us the right to do as we please to someone committing a crime.
I do not know the particulars of this case. What was done may have been fully justified, but then again maybe not. It was not made clear as to whether the homeowner was charged. It was stated that it was thought that no charges were laid. If this is the case, then it was considered by the legal system to have been justified, and if so, IMO, the criminal got what he deserved.
I doubt that if you asked the people involved, you would find anyone who thought this was a happy knife incident.


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Keith brings up some good points.
I believe in the sanctity of my home and protecting my loved ones. Even in this communist state of new jersey where a person is not allowed by law to defend his own home unless he can prove he had no escape and his life was threatened, I will do what I have to do keep them safe.
But killing someone is never a happy occassion, ask someone who has. (no, I haven't, but I've witnessed a few).

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So if someone defends him or her self and is "sad" then it's OK but if someone defends him or her self and is angry about being violated in some way then it is not OK and they should be held responsible for the criminals actions. Sound like we need to form a "thought police" corp.

I see now how Canada and New Jersey got to the state they are in.
Maybe you should read that again. There is no doubt in my mind that a person has a right to defend their home and their family. There is no doubt in my mind that I will take your life if you are in my home and a threat to me or my family. Their is no doubt in my mind that a person doing this is not guilty of any crime. There is also no doubt that I would be plenty angry about it and have no remorse. I believe in the right to bear arms and the second ammendment. But I still don't think that killing someone is a happy occassion. I guess I'm just not enough of a tough guy.
It's funny that when I was in various military training and specialized courses, and in police training, that the guys who gleefully talked about and looked forward to killing were usually the guys who washed out before graduation.
That's funny... I guess I just don't get it.

There must be some really charismatic BG in some places that sort of knock on your door in the middle of the night and kindly talk you into letting them rampage through your household. I know that where I live, and everywhere that I know of, if a bad guy knocks on your door to commit robbery he usually coerces compliance by the use or threat of violent force. I really can't imagine how any action on the part of the resident can be anything other than self-defense.

It wouldn't justify chasing down the assalant after he rob you but it would certainly justify trying to stop the BG as he robs you.
How does someone prove that you had a means of escape? You hear a strange noise, you arm yourself as a precaution, you explore the noise, you confront the BG, You ask him/her to freeze, they ignore your instruction, you shoot them. They could have sat there and relaxed and nothing would have happened. If they ignore my command and move a reasonable person has to consider the action a threat.

I grew up in Brooklyn; I guess NJ has decided to live up to their reputation.

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not2sharp, I grew up in the Bronx and worked in Brooklyn in Fort Greene for alot of years. If you think it's any better in NY, you're in for a shock.
The current climate in NJ by the legal system is that if someone invades your home, you are supposed to flee. You have to prove either that you were blocked from leaving, or that there was no other way out. Do I agree with this policy?NO! I was just telling how it is. There have been cases in the last few years where criminals have sued individuals for injuring them,or for getting hurt on their property, during the commission of a crime-and they have won! Insanity? Yes, but that's the way it is.
If I came off as advocating their policies or as a liberal, I am not. I believe I have the right to defend myself, my home, and my family, and will do so even if it means jail time. I also like to believe that if it came down to giving my own life to ensure my family's safety, I would do so. All I intended to say originally is that if I had to kill someone, I don't think it would be a happy occassion, I never said I wouldn't or couldn't do it. I have spoken to cops I'm friend's with who have had to kill, and they all pretty much said that it was never enjoyable, especially the first time(in the case of the one guy who had killed 2 people).
There are definitely those who deserve to die. I am extremely pro death penalty when there is 100% conclusive proof.
As to NJ, I came here because that is where my work took me. Ironic, isn't it, that the NY Times and the NY Daily News are both printed in NJ?
So you moved from Brooklyn down there to God's waiting room,huh?

At what point did I say that the person had to be sad not angry? What I said was that I doubted anyone involved in what happened was happy that it did. Also what I said was that to use deadly force a person must be convinced that he or his family is in imminent danger of death or violence. I think this might be logical in the case of a home invasion, but what about a person that breaks into your house thinking you are not there. He may be no threat to you at all. Do I believe he should be treated with kid gloves? No. Do I think you should have the right to kill them? No. Call me a bleeding heart liberal if you want. As to the state of affairs in Canada, we are doing just fine thank you.