a hunter

Jun 29, 2001
I still cant get the pictures to load but here's a link

I made this one for my brother. the blade is 7 inches long 2 inches wide the handle is a little over 4, the blade is 3/16 o-1 steel the handle is jotuba(brazilian cherry) with brass fittings. he wanted a knife to take apart an elk. (it's a western Colorado thing)

p.s.If my wife finds out that I have pictures on the web that show dog hair on the carpet she'll.......

so what do you think?
<img src=http://members.aol.com/l6steel/erichunter.jpg>

Here ya go Eric.
Very nice hunter! Big stout knife.
<font face=arial black color=indigo size=4><b>Hey I like it! I suppose your familiar with Michael Price? Being a lover of all knives old, it looks good to me. Price made several of the double ringed variety, that was somewhere around 1860 and of course he had to have learned it somewhere... Ireland maby?? Did you put some ferric on the blade to age it a little? I can't see how it's finished in the pic.

<p><center> regards, mitch
I polished the blade before oven tempering. and decided that I liked the color,(dark straw) so I left it.:D

the ring guard is more a necessity than a design function,
my brother decided to use a table saw as a hand saw. the doctors have it mostly back together, but it releases it's grig randomly. I thought this would keep his hand on the grip and not on the edge.
Really AWESOME knife,It looks like it will hold up to anything your brother could put it through.
The nice thing about customs is the fact that you can accomodate anybodys special needs just have you have done here with the ring.COOL..