A Joke

Jun 8, 2004
It's somewhat old, but until this morning I never heard it being told about Gurkha. The guy who told it isn't a khuk nut, either (since I don't talk much about my affiliations, he might've wanted to impress me with his awareness of Gurkhas and their weird looking blades :) )

In the heat of a trench battle, a gurkha wields his khuk and strikes the enemy, his blade moving lightning fast. The enemy is confused: nothing happened. He laughs at the gurkha, saying: "You missed." "Just nod," - the gurkha replies.
Ive heard this told about Gurkhas before , but also heard it as a 1920 or 30 story about a black missisipi cut throat razor man, Which from what ive seen in life is more likly true as razor cuts sometimes wait for a few seconds before they peel open & bleed.

When you shake your head it would open up & spray blood about.

I think If someones hit with a kukri I reckon they probably know it straight away! :D

Cheers for telling it though! I wonder how many versians it has?

Two fencers have argument who of them is better. The one draws his sword and cuts the fly in two pieces, which falls to the ground. The other draws his swords and cuts at the other fly, but this one continues in its trawel through air.
"You missed, it lives!", yells the first one.
"It lives indeed, but it cant be father anymore", its the prompt reply.