A lighthearted question. :)

Feb 10, 2001
This is kind of paraphrasing a question that was asked several months ago on another discussion board I frequent, by this guy named Sean.

Assume that you are in "Night of the Living Dead" and you have to confront a horde of zombies. Knowing that the only way to kill them is by decapitation, and remember they're going to be nice and soft due to the whole rotting thing, but there's going to be hundreds if not thousands of them in one night, what khukuri would you want at your side?

If figure you want something lightwieght but can still take a zombie down in one strike. Right now, I'm limited to my Malla, since she's the only khukuri that I have. I'm sure she could pull it off.

Based off what I've read on here, I'd say the two best candidates might be
<ol>[*]YCS, seems to fit the bill on both cutting power and lightweight for prolonged uses. And I'm sure that Yvsa will be able to find all kinds of neat tricks to pull off with all the little tools
</li>[*]25" Kobra, described as being "the cure for HIKV," as well as probably my next khukuri purchase
this baby should have all the right attributes for dispatching the monsters. </li>[/list=a]

What would you want at your side, (khukuris no flamethrowers please) if you were to suddenly find yourself in the middle of this 1960s classic, not the remakes nor any of the sequals.

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Y'know, Bob, this question is moderately nuts.

But I like it.

I would want speed and reach, and something that wouldn't wear my arm out. Probably at least 20" sirupati or Kobra.
I would vote for a 20" Sirupati, with the tarwar in the strong hand, and the 30" Sirupati straped to the back as a "big gun".

Just my 2 cents, although the the flamethrower would also be nice...
I have both a 20" Kobra and 20" chiruwa Sirupati. I would probably choose the Sirupati. My technique isn't the greatest yet, and the Sirupati looks to be more forgiving.
That's easy!!!!!
The YCS for the little monsters and the 25" Kobra for the big ones!!!!

You want as uch reach as possible to keep the gore off of your hands,unless of course, you were one of those strange kids that couldn't wait until the biology class had the dissection period where you got to get your hands in the inside of frogs, Big Worms and sometimes even rabbits.
I can still remember the smell and the fact that I had biology just before lunch!!!!



Indin word for lousy hunter.
The Janawar Katne!

It would just split them down the middle from top to bottom like a ripe watermelon
I would go with a 20" sirupati or a kobra.A flamethrower tank would be good too.Burn'em and grind'em to dust.....

boys newer grow up,it's only their toys getting more expensive....
"...but there's going to be hundreds if not thousands of them in one night," OOOHH MY!
Thats awful lot of zombies!
Better make mine two Kagas katne khukuris in
a crossdraw.

Bill Paxton,
Isn't that the khukuri equivalent of scissors???
Although, that does maximize on the carriablity(is that even a word?) factor. And, with the blade length they should be legal to conceal in most states.

Uncle Bill,
I know that the 30" Kobra was dropped entirely, what about the 30" Sirupati??? Can we still order them custom? But, if they're all over 4 lbs that sounds like a definate tendon strainer when you're using it for hours. Sounds like it would be truly great if melded with a Gelbu Special style fuller running the full length of the blade though.
Of course, I would expect the price to jump quite a bit since a forged fuller is quite labor, and skill intensive.
I love those Zombie movies, I think I have seen all of them. My BAS in one hand and my 19" AK in the other would do nicely I think.
I wasn't even thinking about this movie when I started the thread, but Uncle Bill's last post about a movie being so bad it was good made me think: Evil Dead Trilogy!!! Anyone else remember the jewel in Sam Ramie's crown??? Army of Darkness was truly the best one though, and of course it couldn't have existed without the second one, which was just a retelling of the first one with a few twists.

It's hard to believe that guy went on to create Hercules and Xena, which I would say are the thorns in his crown.

The 30" Sirupati is a beast of a blade.

I'd choose something a bit lighter for the evil dead.

Perhaps an 18" kobra would be enough?

I would beg to differ with:

“and remember they're going to be nice and soft due to the whole rotting thing”

From my understanding of zombies they like to eat brains, suffer from rigimortous, and to kill one the spine must be severed.

A Ganga Ram special would my pick for zombies. If they are soft and rotting I would take an Ang Khola, which would be more resistant to getting stuck.

Hi Will,
Also, I think you might have stumbled on to something. I mean, you also have to keep in mind that you might be surrounded by half a dozen zombies and you have to take them all down before any of them bite you even once.
Thankfully, no one here has any experience with severing parts of cadavers. If you, seek help; for all of our sakes.

So, we may never know how much it would take to take a zombie down.
During my school days I would down a zombie by closing my eyes and gulping really fast. Apparently a prime ingredient of zombies are the left over drops in every conceivable bottle. Really only suitable consumption for first year engineering students.

<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">25" Kobra, described as being "the cure for HIKV," as well as probably my next khukuri purchase this baby should have all the right attributes for dispatching the monsters.</font>

Oh, thank you, thank you! I've been looking for a good reason to get a 25" Kobra, and now I have one.

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