A little bit of a field review

Apr 5, 2000
I have been home from college for about two months now, and have been doing some work around the house. My parents are getting a little too old to take care of some of the manual labor. Actually my dad spends most of his time golfing and my mom spends most of her time gardening, and neither of them want to clear out a brush pile (not that I blame them). I am sure everybody is tired of hearing about my AK, but it really does a wonderful job. I had to clean out some large limbs that fell down during a storm, and the AK went right through them in a matter of a few swings. The river birch branch was about a foot in diameter, and in all honesty the AK worked much better than the axe I had with me. The chopping is much faster, and the khuk is easier to manuever than the axe.
I was putting our dock in and needed to clear out some springy brush, what needed to be cleared were almost like snake wood. The AK still performed resonably well despite its thick spine and weight. My mom was, of course, supervising (and often criticizing) the istallation of the dock. While I was putting some of the poles in the water she picked up the AK and started clearing out some of the brush-more often than not striking rocks. Even with all the abuse the knife really didn't show anything more than a few small chips that I was able to re-align with a kitchen steel. The knife was put back in the scabbard with all the dirt and mud left on it, and it showed no signs of rust or other corosion (it was only left in there for a day). The AK is really the only khuk that I use on a consistent basis and it really has held up wonderfully even through a year of some pretty hard work. The knife is by no means pristine but it looks pretty good concidering it has been used to chop up roots, clear not-so-clean brush, chopping whatever drift wood the river has sent onto the flood plain, and even the abuse of my mom (who even said the knife works pretty well).
It is nice doing business with Uncle Bill, who I think doesn't charge enough for the knives, and it is just as nice getting such a well made knife. I even gave my dad an AK Bowie for his birthday (we all got laid off from work today so I think I will give it a try on some thistle) which he seemed to get a kick, not to mention a surprise, out of.
On a side note, when I was working on the dock I noticed how strong natural materials are. I was able to lift a good portion of a wrench off the ground using a spider web from the dock, and it made me wonder how strong the horn handle's really are. But I won't go off on a tangent.
I really have never been disappointed with the knives and especially with the customer service I have received. Thank's for all the wonderful knives and great service, Uncle Bill. I have a little bit of money that has been burning a hole in my pocket, and I could use another knife


By the way which one's Pink?
Get a YCS nice companion for the AK.! Would be interesting to see which K you like & use most! What size AK do you have??
Jim, I have an 18" AK by Sher. It weighs just about 3 pounds. I took the Bowie out and did a little work with it, and it just doesn't compare in chopping, nice knife though.
As much as I hate to do it I agree with Jim. (Insert sarcasm here)

As I was cleaning my YCS last night it once again struck me how well balanced it is and how well it had handeled a large pile of brush that I had cleared through.

If you get a YCS, you may find that you are using your AK less. Besides that... who doesn't have room for another knife?