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A little Christmas cheer...

Jan 21, 2000
My wife and I live in a small community of about 300 people in a secluded area of south Texas. One of our neighbors is an ex-Marine who has been battling bone cancer for several weeks now. He’s a bright, funny guy who’s always ready to cheer others up – even when you’d think he’s the one who needs it. He asked me a few months ago if I thought I could put a good edge back on his service Ka-Bar, and I agreed to try. It was rusty, the tip was gone, and the stacked leather handle looked like it had been run over a few times. He explained that he had carried it in his vehicle since he got out of the service some 40 years ago, and for that length of time it had been called on for everything from opening cans to cleaning fish. It still took a shaving edge, courtesy of my Lansky hones, and he was tickled pink.

The man and his wife tend a small citrus grove at their home, and one of his joys this time of year is selling oranges and grapefruit to people who want to come and pick their own. He has a table set up outside, where he transfers their fruit from buckets into bags. Recently I noticed his old Ka-Bar lying there on the table. Turns out he was using it to cut fruit open to show people the quality, and to perform whatever other chores arose.

Not quite a year ago, Mike Turber sold off some inventory from WOW, and I picked up a couple of bargain-priced Next Generation Ka-Bar’s, 7” blade, part serrated, cryo’d Sandvik stainless steel, leather sheaths. I was very impressed with the construction and the edge, but after a few months hadn’t used them for anything. I sold one on the net and the other stayed in a drawer until this morning, when I noticed the box sitting there, collecting dust.

I drove over to my neighbor’s house, and he happened to be walking up to his mailbox for his morning exercise, having improved recently from using a walker to just a cane. I handed over the silver box with the brand new Ka-Bar inside, and told him I thought he should really consider retiring the old one. He opened the box with bright, shiny eyes, like a kid finding a new BB gun under the tree. He produced the knife, hefted it, and held it up to catch the sunlight on its edge. “Oh, man,” he said grinning, “thank you.” He asked me about its materials and construction, and what all I knew about it, and we had a great discussion about what a fine knife Ka-Bar made—and particularly this one! He got quiet for a minute, and then said, “Yeah, that’s a good idea. That old knife has taken care of me a long time…it’s about time I give it a rest.”

I never bought a knife that brought me more pleasure than that new Ka-Bar did today, and my inspiration was the generosity so freely exhibited here on the forums lately. Special Thanks to (among others) russ, jharden, Carver, Maxon, Normark, NCBlades, richard rosvall, Ivan Campos, Kodiak PA, LYFSFUN, atc, mikemck, Elvislives, rdnzl, G2, redvenom, Mike & Audra Draper (and Seth) and especially to Jerry—and Merry Christmas to all!

What a great story! Thanks you for sharing it Will. Also, that was very nice of you.

Happy Holidays to you and your family.

~Greg Mete~
Kodiak Alaska

good for you!!
That is wonderful. I would also like to thank all of you that have given to others this Christmas. This is really a great place.
Thats a great post Will.It gives me great pleasure to know that I played a small part in it.Thanks.

I know the look you must have received. A little over a year ago, my father-in-law had extensive back surgery. He is a former Marine, a veteran of WWII and some expeditions in China. I had never seen a Ka-Bar among his possessions.
Josh at PVK&T told me that there was a Ka-Bar boxed up like the original, made from the same materials, and packed with the original blueprints. He was happy to order one for my wife's dad.
We got there a day or two before his surgery, and I let him open it early. He was all smiles and said, "I never owned a Ka-Bar. They were in short supply during the war..."
I'm told he didn't put it down until he left for the hospital.--OKG
I got the warm fuzzies when I read that.

Something that seems to be getting rarer, I'm afraid.
VERY COOL Will! thanks for the mention, and you did a wonderful thing.i'll be notifying a certain individual tomorrow about their spike knife

russ aka bladeZealot.

a cat almost always blinks when hit in the head with a ball-peen hammer.
The only thing better than a good knife is a good woman:D
I hope your generosity comes back to you many times over, Will. Great story, thanks for sharing. Happy holidays to you and yours!
A kind man and a great gesture, well done Will. I'm sure the fellow will talk about and think of you every time he uses that knife and spread your generosity to others as well!

Merry Christmas to you and your family!

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