A little intro to Sharp & Fiery Leathercraft and Knifeworks - What it’s all about?!

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May 14, 2012
What’s it all about, you ask?

Let’s go on a little journey here…

At a young age, my father got me into knives. The first knife was a gift from him, a cheap traditional that used to be his father’s. Unfortunately, along life’s wonderful journey, it was lost. My second knife was a wedding gift for being the “ring bearer” in an Aunt’s wedding. I digress…

My Grandfather (RIP) actually tinkered with leather in his middle age and made some pretty cool stuff. Basic, but nonetheless, he sparked, in me, an interest for leathercrafting.

I started dabbling in knife making and knife modding a few years ago, and I enjoy it greatly and plan to continue in that adventure, just not as a number one priority.

I have found joy in carrying traditional knives and knives without pocket clips in the last few years. I personally like slim belt sheaths that I can slide a slim knife into, so that I always have a cutting tool on me. (I have not given up on pocket clipped knives 😉) But just knowing there is a knife on my belt is comforting.

I found a great passion in working, forming, dying, stitching and manipulating leather. The options are endless!! There is something peaceful about sitting down with natural materials and making something beautiful out of nothing. I enjoy vintage looking leather products, and do my best to make some of my products look that way, but brand new!

I hope the wheels in my head don’t ever stop turning, and hope to bring new items to the table as often as possible.

I am located in Ontario, Canada. I strive to make the best products that I can and I am always learning. I believe that once I think I am at my best…I have failed. There is always something to improve on or create. My number one goal is too make you smile and for you to be proud of the Sharp & Fiery Leathercraft product that you drop in your pocket or attach to your belt, pack or wherever.

If I wouldn’t carry it, I won’t send it out. I am not happy until you are!!

Thank you all for making it through this intro, and I look forward to going on this journey with you. If there is anything I can help with, just drop me a line.

Keep ‘em Sharp,

Sharp & Fiery Leathercraft
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