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A Little Random Bitching

Oct 4, 1998
I'm typing this on a computer that is worth more than the truck in my driveway and I can't get Gateway to return an e-mail as to why it won't run Word. And on top of that if Benchmade is going to charge me $5.00 to repair a brand new unused knife (Ascent-they said they had to replace the handles) don't you think they could at least send it back to me Priority Mail so that the knife they shipped last Friday and has now cost me enough extra that I could have gotten a better one would at least get here? Thank you. I don't actually feel better, but I had to say it to somebody and I don't think my wife was really interested.

Donovan, you're probably right, your wife, if she's anything like mine, isn't interested in hearing about ANY knife problems. Remember the Charlie Brown specials on TV ? You know how they show the kids in school and when the teacher (or any adult for that matter) talks, all you hear is wa,wa, wa, wa, wa, ?
Well, when I talk to my wife about knives, all she hears is " hey honey, I just bought this knife that wa wa wa wa wa wa wa wa..."
do you get my drift here dude ? The same thing happens when I start to drool over mtn bike parts. So, don't feel like the Lone Ranger there, big guy, OK ?


Lest you get the wrong idea, the truck in question is a 1981 Toyota with 200,000 miles and beat to crap. And my wife just approved the purchase of a Mad Dog, so I didn't really see any reason to burden her with this.

Donovan; thank you for sharing. We feel your pain. You DO know, however, that there is a BM forum? Walt
Yes, Walt, but I'm not sure the Benchmade Support Team (whoever the heck they are) or the other six people still posting over there really care either.

Still though, you need to take every route before publically disparaging a company for what you feel to be bad service.

If you feel that you are having problems with any particular product, you need to do everything that you can to try to fix things. If you feel that questions on their forums aren't solving your problems, try a phone call. I've found Dave Mallory very easy to talk to at Benchmade, and if someone doesn't respond to your questions, ask to speak with their supervisor. Keep going until your problem is fixed, and if nothing works THEN take other measures.

Either way, good luck and I hope that your problem get's resolved satisfactorily.


Kevin Jon Schlossberg
SysOp and Administrator for BladeForums.com

Insert witty quip here
Give Benchmade a try. To not do so is contempt before investigation.
Who knows, you may have a happy story to tell us in the near future. You have a contact now. I'd give him a call.
I have found Benchmade warranty service to be excellent. The $5 is only for resharpening not warranty work. Give them a chance. They'll almost certainly make it right for you.

Ron Knight

Yeah I'm crazy, but what do you want me to do about it
if the benchmade in question is needing repair as it was shipped from benchmade, then it shouldnt cost you anything, not even for shipping. you shouldnt have to call a bunch of folks, or go through some elaborate process....they should just fix it, end of story.

never had to work with gateway, but just purchased 6 dell dimension xps d 266 computers and the company was very helpfull.
Glad to see you've got your priorities right. A new truck is temporary, but a handmade knife is a companion for life.
Geez guys, it was intended to be a pretty lighthearted post. I hardly consider it to be "disparaging the company" or "contempt before investigation". For the record:

-I did post to the BM forum asking if there was a cure for my blade rubbing problem, a few kind members responded, the Support Team did not.

-I returned the knife. Unless I misread it, the BM site clearly states to include $5 for s/h on warranty work.

-I called the warranty dept. to see if my knife arrived. It had, two week wait they said. No problem.

-Time passes. I call back. They say, we replaced the handles. It will ship Friday.

-Thursday comes, no knife, I'm concerned. Call back. They say don't worry, it often takes five working days to Texas. I post to Bladeforums saying, gee, 5 bucks for shipping why not send it Priority Mail.

-Friday. Package arrives. They sent brand new knife. Uh oh. Does exactly the same thing. I look closely. The blade is off center. Call back. Karen (we're now on a first name basis) says she didn't check the new knife before shipping, but if I send it back she will fix it and reimburse me for shipping.

Summing up-My son still does not have the knife I bought him for Christmas. I am currently out the money to package, insure and ship the first return. I am looking at another 2-3 week wait to get the, hopefully fixed, knife back and Spark is ragging on me about it.

The facts are that the knife was defective or they wouldn't have replaced it. The second knife was just like the first. I never called Les a bad name or inferred anything negative about Benchmade. These things apparently happen, but I hardly feel like I've been unreasonable or deserve to be called into question about it. All I said was, ya know, 5 bucks send it priority.


I'm not ragging on you, I just expressed my wishes with how people should handle their complaints.

After your latest message, it sounds like you handled yourself exemplarily and indeed have a legitimate complaint. I just wish that you had told us this in the beginning, so I could have kept my mouth shut and not looked like an idiot in hindsight

Best of luck and I hope you get this resolved satisfactorily

Kevin Jon Schlossberg
SysOp and Administrator for BladeForums.com

Insert witty quip here
Sorry, I was wrong too.
Sounds to me like you have plenty of investigation to support some contempt.
I have never returned a Benchmade for warranty, so you know far more than me.
Once I got a sloppy BM1000. I returned it to the dealer and the replacement passed it in the mail.
Bill and Spark,

I appreciate your comments. Sorry if I over bristled. I really just intended that to be a kind of off the cuff remark at the end of a frustrating day. But, it's the good people like ya'll that keep me hanging out here.


Potential new tag line: 5 bucks? Why not ship it priority.