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A little value help, please

Dec 31, 2006
Hello All,

Were new here and we just wanted to say, hi. I was hoping someone could provide us with some guidance on what these knives might be worth. I was looking on eBay for these knives and couldn’t find a recent completed auction, so I was lucky enough to find a knife forum.

All of the knives excluding the case knife are in new condition (never used), they have never been used and the blades have never been sharpened. Any value help provided would be much appreciated. Also, I should mention that our knowledge in knives is extremely limited, however we collect a lot of different things like: redline hot wheels, and vintage toys.


1. Case XX “…..SS….”
2. Buck 527 1989 marking
3. Buck 527 1988
4. Buck 309 1989
5. Buck 522 1989
6. Buck 301 1989 (Redbone I believe)
7. Buck 301 1987 (Redbone I believe)

Thank you,

-Armand and Mary
Hello Esav,

Thank you for the welcome. How does one move their thread to another forum?

Thank you,

Only moderators can move threads. You could post a request in Service & Support for a move or you could repost in another forum.
thanks cougar! welcome to buck forums!
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Everyone here hates to quote prices as they may have to eat there quote after you put the knife they want up for sale. I can give an opinion only on the 300's. You have a Red handled 309, which if it was mint would sell for more than I think there worth. The 301's are red bones and you should be able to find several of these sold on ebay in last several months. :-}
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