A Mini-Christmas

Oct 5, 1998
Well, I got a mini-Christmas today. First off, I was walking around Costco today, just looking for presents for people and came across, what I think is, a great deal. I have been looking for Leathermans Micras to give a few people this year. Best price to date has been 14.99 at Target, but of course they were sold out by the time I got there and I had to backorder them. Well, at Costco today, I found a package deal with a Micra and a Maglite Solitaire in a nice little gift case. Total price for mini-tool and flashlight and battery...19.95! I grabbed a couple for friends and FINALLY got one for myself. Yea! Cool little tool. So then, after taking care of some busines, I come home to find a package from ABC-DIRECT there! My Wave finally came! So here I sit, micra and Solitaire on my key chain, Eclipse in the pocket and wave on the belt. My friend thinks I have gone over the edge! Of course he isn't complaining too loudly, his birthday present from me, an Ascent, was in the package too. Those that have a really good memory may remember when I first got the Eclipse, that this fellow couldn't understand how I could spend "that kind of money" on a knife. Tonight he was all kinds of jazzed. "I've got my own bad*ss, sumb*tching cool knife now" were his exact words. Anyway, gotta go play with my Wave now.
Glad to see you enjoying your stuff, nothing like getting goodies in the mail!
Oh OH. 'Nother Knifeaholic! Now you know why some people (like me) have that certain reaction to big brown trucks!