A month with my new 800 hss

Jan 14, 1999
Well it has been a month since I got my new BM 800hss.

Out of the box the action was fairly smooth, and the lockup was solid, engaging between the 1/3 and 2/3 position. The month has smoothed it out even more, and the lock has settled right at 2/3 positiom.

Finish: The BT2 coating was worn off at portions of the grind lines. I thought the dull silver color on the grind lines make it look a little cool. I was carring the knife in my right front pocket and a quarter got jammed between the blade and the line. The coating was marred both on the entry of the coin, and on the exit. Lesson learned. The screw tops for the pocket clip were off center, leaving very little gripping surface.

Blade: The blade came sharp, with 2 large dings in the belly. The first one sharpened out as I brought the reasonably sharp edge up to speed. The second one is still there. This thing can C-U-T. I fixed dinner, chopped dead tree brances, cut wire, and no problems were noted. Then today I was cutting the kryptonite lined package for a Clorox toilet mint, and the package suddenly gave way and the knife bounced off the porcelen of the tank, dinging the blade.
My BF Native came in this afternoon, inspiring me to find out if I could get my 800 really sharp. Freshly cleaned sharpmaker stones, and 15 min and the M2 was almost as sharp as the Native. With just the coarse stones.

I was very impressed with the knife, now if I can only get used to this tip down stuff. Also, I waited so long to get this knife, I am sure Bench made will be offering a tip up axis lock on the 800s in the next few months.


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My friend and I both bought 800M2's last month and were both happy with them so far, my Military is starting to take a back seat to it now. My lock has also stoped at about the 2-3 mark and is much smoother now. Havent brought myself to cut much with it yet though..still keeping that new look for now I guess.


I would actually be very surprised if Benchmade made an Axis-Lock "Advanced Folding Camp Knife" in the next "few months." That would amount to a completely new model, and these things take their time moving from the drawing boards to de-bugged (mostly) production. Such a thing would also probably require a fresh licensing agreement with Spyderco for the blade hole.

And if they make one I want one.

Meanwhile, we're still in the coveting stage for an M2 710 and 705.

So many knives, so few pockets!

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Maybe they can sanitize it even further and call it the Advanced Folding Consumers Knife...that sounds pretty harmless too.
I think if Benchmade is going to sanitize the AFCK by calling it a camp knife they need to stop using the fact it was designed by a Navy SEAL.

Actually, I had noticed that Mr. Caracci's name comes up a lot less frequently in Benchmade literature about the knife than it used to. I'm waiting for it to become the "All Fuzzy & Cute Knife."

Actually I meant to have the Axis AFCK in the next few months to be dripping with sarcasm. That is what I really want, and now that I have settled for the next best thing and my pregant wife tightened the finances (no more allowance)They HAVE to come out with what I wanted oringinally, just to taunt me.

I had written to the suggestion box on the Benchmade web site a couple of months ago about this very thing: AFCK w/Axis lock. I got a reply thanking me and just a couple of weeks ago I asked if the suggestion ever took root. The answer: no. darn, darn, darn. Would that ever be a nice knife!

James M., I'm with you...now if they could only design jeans with more pockets!


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