a new camp,, with my new 1911,, i won this weekend at our local NRA Dinner

Oct 1, 2007
One of my favorites so far,,


That is a very nice half ground knife.....sweet .45

Best Regards,

STeven Garsson
its #15 of 25 that C.O. Arms did for the TN Friends of the NRA.. i was very lucky to win it,,

True that...

I HATE 1/2 grinds....and that includes historical versions that the Japanese did.

They track oddly in deep cuts for one thing.

Best Regards,

STeven Garsson
to each is own.. i understand chisel hate.. my hollow grinds to convex bevels might surprise you.. but, i know where ur coming from.. i do alot of different grinds..

You lucky dog, that is a sweet 1911, congrats man. I like the blade shape on that chopper, the tip in particular. Looks like it could go through a tank :)
Congrats on the win.
I'm not a fan of 1/2 grinds either but we don't see many and I like different "done well" which yours "is" my opinion.
A piece Steve Johnson did a few years ago sticks in my mind.
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knife has a sweet profile. Super bad ass.
I am glad I posted this here,, on Bladeforums I kinda stay in my own world,, I don't get out enough,, I will try and post more of my work here,, thanks again,,
Some guys have all the luck :grumpy: ;) :D

Thanks for posting 2 really sweet pieces of steel Jeremy !

The bore on the 1911 looks like the end of a 55 gal. drum !

Quite intimidating, to say the least ......... :eek: