A new project

Oct 29, 2006
I was asked to make a fancy pouch for a Joe Kious/ CJ Cai folding knife.
The knife is still with Mr. Cai for his phenomenal engraving.

Apparently the knife is going to be displayed in a show in Dubai later this year so it was a tremendous honour to make this.

I haven't seen the knife yet but I suspect it will be spectacular.

This pouch was a real tough project having never made one before. In the end I made 2 of them as the first one had some problems with the zipper binding among other things.:rolleyes:
Making the second one was much faster than the first as I figured out how to do it on the second try. It took me about 6-7 hours to make...:p
The first?... longer.:(

The owner and I had a lot of emails trying to pin down a design to match the Arabic theme of the knife. Not having the engraving done made it difficult to match so we came up with a more geometric theme.

Anyway, I hope you like it.



Holy Shit that's nice!:eek::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:

theme is DEFINITELY working- just the right Arabic imagery in a North American context.

I am truly blown away friend.:cool:
Stuart, you can't see it ,but I am standing up giving an exhaustive ovation, my friend. The work is absolutely off the charts, and the rest will go in a private email to you.:thumbup:

nice work - I've seen pictures of very similar tile work from the sandbox, so I'd say you got the main pattern right.
That Rocks!!

That is a really nice pouch! I would like to see the knife and pouch together.