A new thread on the BM forum!

Mike; I have posted a few complimentary posts agreeing with you, and your actions in the recent past. However, I feel that I must disagree with this suggestion of yours.

While I have found Les de Asis to be quite friendly and helpful in private e-mail, his BM forum is quite the contrary. Posts asking pesky questions about delivery dates and production of new products are NOT well received. Further, the BMST, if it still exists, was/is the most obstreperous, stonewalling, UNhelpful organization in existance.

I do not believe this to be just my opinion. After all, it went from a relatively thriving forum to a moribund one. I think this is the result of their restrictive, shortsighted policies on the forum. Posters notice these things.

Alternative opinions, comments, questions, and criticisms are welcome. (former BM Forum member) Walt
My post was more of an attept to liven the place up a bit. Well it worked although maybe for the short lived Quark!

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Mike Turber
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