A new type of "Laha"?

May 18, 1999
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The article in July Tactical Knives about the khukuri the author had made in Gangtok told the processes the kami went through to make the khukuri.
It was a partial tang probably because the author didn't know about the full tang khuk's.
When the kami heated up the tang to put the handle on permenetly he throwed a thin plastic bag on the heated tang and thin pushed the handle and bolster home.
The melted plastic should make an excellent bonding agent.
It should be much easier to use than the regular Laha since the kami isn't having to deal with the dangerous melted pitch.
I found it interesting and thought that y'all would too.


Indin word for lousy hunter.
I suspect the molten plastic is just as dangerous as the current Laha. Sometimes I get careless melting para cord and drip some on my fingers. I have learned to just shake my hand about and not try to wipe it off. Wiping results in more burned appendages.

What are you posting here, Yvsa? Weren't you supposed to be outside until the 18th of this month? In the meantime, I just got an YCS and am waiting for it to arrive here. It better be as good as it looks!

Ivan Campos
Full-time knifemaker...finally!

Yvsa --- Villagers at my home town are doing that to fix handle to their parang and it works great! ... but it emits very bad smell!

Interesting...I wonder how a khukuri with the handle fixed in place in this fashion would handle? Would there be more shock transmitted from hits? How durable would this be?

Uncle Bill, could you contact BirGhorka and ask the good folks there if they have seen any khukuris done with melted plastic used in place of the laha or epoxy?
It would be interesting to hear their opinions on this.

I wouldn't think the plastic or laha would make so much difference as the handle material as far as shock . . . the layer would be pretty thin. How much play is there usually between the tang and the handle? I assumed they would be drilled to fit pretty tight.