A Nice Knife Story


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Oct 3, 1998
I have purchased many knives through internet
dealers and individuals and have not had any problems with any transaction to date. But, recently I had a surprise when dealing with an individual here through the forum.

That was the hook!

Actually, this post is complimentary. I answered a post offering a Crawford Kasper Fighting folder from one of the memebers here on the forum. After the usual exchange of e-mails, we agreed on the price and I sent my cashier's check. After only a couple of days, and well before he received the check, he shipped the knife to me without payment received. He doesn't know me at all.

I was really impressed by this gesture and it really reinforced my belief that knife people are not only trusting, but trustworthy. I am proud to be associated with a great group of folks.

Thank you, Joel Pirela

Daniel Jackson
Safford, AZ
Daniel: Very nice story! I have been ripped off on the internet..not on the bladeforums but elsewhere!! I have been leary ever since!! In the future I will trust again Im sure. Thanks for sharing a good experience.
trust is something that is usually earned with time and certainly not on the internet.had a fellow a couple months ago one/bay actually tell me i had paid double[2 money orders] for same coin i had bought.sent m/o back with a ps;appreciate your p erserverance.{was a good deal on my part]
When I ordered my Wilkins Thorn Neck knife from Kevin Wilkins (in Germany), he was kind enough to ship my knife prior to receiving the *personal* check I sent him in payment.

Given the time it takes mail to get from here to Germany, and the 10-14 days some dealers hold personal checks before shipping merchandise, this act of trust really saved me a lot of that incredibly painful "waiting for new toy to arrive" time.

It's things like this that really make a lasting good impression on customers.


I have done business with only one member of the forums. I have the first money order he sent me on my was as proof that there are still Honest people out there. More recently I bought a knife from him, and he sent me the knife that same day I sent the check. My somewhat bleak picture of internet business and society in general has softened a little bit because of my dealings with this fellow.