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A Pair of Kershaws

Jul 11, 2006
On the block are a Ken Onion Kershaw Boa, black on black along with a kershaw "liner action" knife. Both have been used and carried, but still have the manufacturer's edge (and are still SHARP). They both lock up solid and have some patina. On the Boa it is only on the steel part of the handle and on the liner action it is on the inside of the handle and a spot on the blade. The liner action is a real user and will be lumped in to the sale of the Boa. I'm asking $90--->$80--->$75 SOLD to FOB's shipped and insured in the ConUS. Some photos... sorry for the blur.




and a scratch on the other side of the blade...

Post an "I'll take it" here and leave me your e-mail.

Thanks for lookin :D
The Gentleman's knife as you call it....Is it a Model 2410, 2415, or 2420? My guess is 2410?
not sure what the model number is but the blade is stamped "kershaw" on the thumb stud side and "KAI" over "2415 ST" over "JAPAN" on the other. handle to tip of blade is just shy of 3" and the overall length is 6.75".
Ok then it is the 2415 ST. Does it have the pocket clip attached or are there three small holes on the back? Thanks
up she goes...

these are two great users for whomever wants to grab 'em.
$80 for two great knives... speed assist on the boa and the liner action snaps open like no other manual i've ever handled. they're great knives, just making room for more fixed blades in the drawer. come and get 'em!
the 'liner action' line are fantastic. I carried their smallest version for years, and have gifted many of the larger ones... my bro just got one from me 2 weeks ago.. great carry/users. so fast/smooth, and a fantastic 'toss in.
sunday bump with a price drop. if it don't sell in the next couple of days i'll just let it fall off...

thanks for lookin.
Getting tempting...I have over 25 kershaws now.....what method of paymnet do you take? I am trying to talk myself in or out of the deal.....Tom