A plug for one of my favorite sites, and some kinfe content too..

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Mar 19, 2000
NOTE** Knife content below

Every morning when I wake up, the FIRST site I go to is


They have some of the most amazing deals out there...Sometimes they are just price errrors(that if you are lucky the company will honor) other times it is just a combination of one or more coupons that makes buying something worthwhile...Other times, the owner of the site sells stuff. For example, I bought a 21 inch monitor from him for $600 that buy.com had listed for $900+(not including shipping and tax).

Their forums are also VERY nice.


Thanks to their "Got Deals?" forum I now have about 30 DVD's and I only paid for about 4. This is thanks to the people that post up URL's to companies that are giving away Amazon gift certificates for filling out a little survey. I even got a Visor Handspring Delux for $30 because I had so may gift certificates saved up(and I only stumbled onto this site last year).

I highly suggest checking with their forums, thats where the best stuff usually turns up, and doesn't last long. I once got 4 copies of The Insider on DVD from Amazon, they had listed the price as $0.00, and I ordered one, they sent me 4

And if anyone is into referral programs, they have a forum for that too...I got a Samsung DVD player and an AGFA digital camera for very little work that way....

** Now for the knife content, this is pulled from their site.

Not the best knives in the world, but goto


Right now they have free shipping, and use coupon code 203129 to get $10 off a $10+ purchase.

Maybe one of those knives will tickle your fancy*

*Disclamer: I DO NOT condone tickling anything with a knife, even if it is just your fancy.

<A HREF="Http://www.constructionloancenter.com

Http://www.gotapex.com/forums" TARGET=_blank>Http://www.constructionloancenter.com

Sorry Quijebo, this is not appropriate for this forum. Your knife content is a link to the Home Shopping Network. They do not sell knives. Trust me, I've seen the show

Anyway, I would move this somewhere, but that function is not working. So I am forced to lock it down.

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