A Poll On Appearance


  • long hair

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  • beard

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  • glasses

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  • tattoo's

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  • earring's

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  • cowboy hats

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Feb 15, 1999
How many of you have the following????
1: long hair
2: beard
3: glasses
4: tattoo's
5: cowboy hats
6: earrings ( on the ears)
Damn: I screw up the voting results.
Mark; That's why I started this because of the pic's of you and Chuck. I have all of them and I bet Fatzo does too.
I've got a couple cowboy hats, beard depends on what day it is. Guess I never really have a real beard just don't bother shaving sometimes.
Short hair, no beard, no glasses, a few tattoos no hats at all and earings in one ear. Course I.G. you've seen my ugly mug in person so you know all this already. :D
1. short hair

2. clean shaven

3. no glasses

4. no tatoos

5. even though I've bucked more hay and shoveled more manure than I probably ever should have, you'd have to shoot me or hit me with a stun gun to get a cowboy hat on me. Baseball caps or a welding cap in the shop

6. no earrings (had a hoop in my ear in high school)

Yea George, I guess I'm a squeaky clean s.o.b. ;) I got nothing against any of that stuff, just doesn't fit me.

As far as tatoos, I've never even had a t-shirt that I didn't get tired of, so putting something on me in ink FOREVER didn't ever seem like a good idea. Maybe that's why I'm not married yet either :D :p

Does this mean I can't hang out here anymore? ;)

I got no steenkn tattoos....... ;) :D

Decided I wanted a ponytail again, so the buzzcut has grown out to about below my ears. We'll see what happens the first day I overheat, that's usually when I head downstairs to the clipper. It seems to have changed color again since the last time. :(

Beard is white, glasses are on, straw cowboy hat hasn't been worn since haybaling days but it's still upstairs. Still think every so often about maybe getting the other ear pierced. Except for two trips into sugery this same earring hasn't been out in 15 years.

6 for 6. Do I get a prize??? :) At least I'm not Portagee on top of all that!
All but the last two (I ditched the earring when I decided I didn't want to get it caught up in a CNC machine. :eek: )

IG, you gotta fix the poll. It won't let me fill the rest in.
Long haiir before a haircut, short after.

No Glasses (yet) Except to read.

Yes, I have a beard!

No Tattoo's !

I don't have any Cowboy hats unless an Orvis Fly Fishing Hat counts. I have a Tilly's rain hat.

I'd have to be dead 3 days before I'd let anyone put an earring on me! :D
No Beard,but a mustache,one tattoo,earring in one ear ONLY,couple of cowboy hats that are basically retired,Glasses are a must,no more long hair for now...
4 of 6 not perfect but close :D :p :D Does this mean I can still make knives and join in here :D
I don't know Bruce....you don't come visit much anymore. I was afraid you'd gone over to that sword place :eek: :eek: :footinmou :D
I have all of the mentioned above. I just hired this male model with one of my knives for my avatar.
Well, 1 out of 6 aint too bad. Only a beard for me. Brought up too conservative for the tattoos and earrings. Glasses are coming at some point,
probably sooner than I care to think about!
I used to have a mullet- my hair is currently short n sexy
I wear a cowboy hat and jeans occasionaly- since this is texas, people don't think it strange that a 13 y.o. kid wears that kinda stuff. An earring can get ripped in a fight, machine, etc.

that's all
1: long hair,, did then mounted the pony tail, depends on the time of year.
2: beard YES!
3: glasses had Eyes fixed a year ago :)
4: tattoo's at least 4 I can't see my back any longer :D
5: cowboy hats an't worn that since doing the rescue races at the fairs
6: earrings ( on the ears) yeahup told the boys when I let them that would be the day I'd get one the youngest one was 17 that day it happened
I was about 45 , you should have looked at there faces when I stopped at the piercing paragon in the mall and sat down :eek: :D BUT in the left upper ear,, I can't bring myself to have them in the lobe..it up to a 10 gage self made glass plug ready for a 8 gage now I think :D
I will admit to 1 out of 6 I wear reading glasses if I am working on machines or the computer.

At my age I still have all my hair which is not very common. :) If I drove a chopper I think I would have a pony tail but I ride a Gold Wing and wear a helmet so I keep my hair short. :D
I get a hair cut one time every year whether I need it or not. No rings on hands, toes, ears, or elsewhere - except for that hallo above my pretty head.