A question about blade coat?

Oct 8, 1998
There are some types of black coat for
blade, can any one tell me if there
is any kind of coating that are not
safe to cut food? (harmful to man's health)

Blued steel may not be the best thing for food service and some coatings contain heavy metals, teflon ect...but I don't think it is a real concern for the average adult use...

The small amounts of questionable materials contained in the coating don't leach out, as far as I know...

The coating I use is based on the resin used to coat soup cans, amoung other things...

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Since you usually oil your blade, I don't think the coating will be the issue. The oil that you use should be more of a concern.

Mineral oil is safe; I don't know about others. Tuff Cloth says not to use it for food knive.