A Question about handle material (for Ron)

Mar 2, 2000
Hello, Ron
here's my Q?: Why does SOG use a different handle material for the smaller 2 SEAL knives zytel? (plastic), while you use kraton? (rubber) for the tigershark? Just curious. thanks

EdRozen-the professional alter-ego specialist
Hi Ed,

Great question...and yes, I have an answer.

The Tigershark was among the first knives produced by SOG way back when...

The SEAL knives, specifically the SEAL Knife 2000 and the SEAL Pup, are two in a more modern series. (The SEAL knife is actually partly birthed from the SOG Tech 2.) As a recent afterthought, we joined the older Tigershark to the modern SEAL series. We left the handle material alone, but added the blade coating and the serrations. We have now wrapped it in the Kydex sheath.

Hope this answers your question.