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Jun 9, 1999
db, I would like to reply to a post you made in another thread, http://www.bladeforums.com/ubb/Forum3/HTML/001368.html . I don't want to clog up that thread with something completely off topic. First, let me clarify what I meant when I said the rods aren't uniformly straight. The 5 rods included in my system are not uniformly straight. Also, a "simple bend", I believe you put it, really isn't so easy to fix. The rods aren't off by much, but it is enough so that the fine stones won't polish out the scratches left by the coarse stone on the edge of the bevel. This is unacceptable to me, as I can get better results with a set of $15 Arkansas stones. Such a small bend is hard to correct without simply ruining further. Now; the problem could be improved by using only one rod for each of the five stones. I'm going to test this and see what I find before giving any more advice to other forum members.

There is another statement you made I would like to address. You said that you would not compare a $20 system to a $200 system. You do have a point there; an Apex is much more expensive than a Lansky Deluxe kit. I agree with this to a point; however you indulged in a little bit of exaggeration with this statement. A base model Apex costs $125, and with the stone upgrade kit that I got that goes to $170. A Lansky deluxe system, when bought from the factory, costs $49.99. I have their brochure. It can be bought from SMKW (www.smokymountainknife.com) for $32.99 + shipping. Now don't get me wrong, that's still a huge price difference and I won't try to deny it. But please don't accuse me of over-generalizing on the straightness of Lansky's rods while you exaggerate the price difference of the two systems by over $40.

Which brings me to my last point. Your last sentence was "Just maybe it is the user and not the system that does not work well."
If you doubt my credibility or sharpening skill, feel free to say so. You don't know me from a bum on the street and for all you know I am[\b] one. But if you do criticize me or my reply, please try to do so politely. This forum has a reputation for friendliness and respect, but that reputation is beginning to tarnish. Please don't contribute to more bad feelings here than there already are. Now I have said my piece, please feel free to say yours. If you would like to reply to me by e-mail, that's fine too.

Just because I talk to myself does not make me crazy. Now, when I listen to myself, that makes me crazy.
My view is that most of the systems work very well if you just take the time to learn how to use them. As for the rod problem I just have not seen this. Have you tried contacting Lansky about some replacement rods? How many systems have you seen with this problem?
As for the price of the systems, you are right I did not price them out for my post, sorry about that. I do know the basic Lansky is only about $22 at Fleet Farm, a chain store in the mid west.
If I have hurt your feelings with my other post I am truely sorry. I just have a different view than you do on all these system. I really did not think my other post was rood.
Thanks for not taking that the wrong way. I suppose that I just read your last sentence with the wrong tone, that is one problem with the internet, words without body language can cause quite a bit of confusion. And hey, we all have different opinions on things, that's what makes this place so interesting! I'll try to be more open-minded in the future.

ps. just editing a spelling error
Just because I talk to myself does not make me crazy. Now, when I listen to myself, that makes me crazy.

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