A Question For Knife Buyers???

Sep 23, 1999
If you're buying a using knife, would you rather buy one that is polished real shiney, has a satin finish, bead blasted, or black nitride coated? I have always polished all of my knives, whether users or collectors, and I'm just wondering if I should start finishing them differently. Thanks for your input!! Take care! Michael

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it depends on the type of steel for me, a stainless type knife polished or bead blasted, if the steel is 1095 or 01 I like powder coat, or hard chrome. my .02
It depends on the knife and also the intended use. I shy away from shiny knives for tactical or hard field use. If the coating actually helps inhibit rust, that is attractive. For display or light use knives, a shiny finish can be maintained, although to me the most attractive finish is the one that shows off the temper line...