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A rather picky picture request


Aug 9, 2006
Hi Sebenza valley,

Does anyone have or can provide a picture of a small regular and a large regular IN HAND?
Thank you Thomason , That's exactly what I was looking for.

do you have large or small hands by the way ?

lol can i see a picture of ur hands in hand :)

joking, thanks
Hey myplea:

I have been debating the same issue myself. Have you made a decision on the large or small Seb? If you don't mind me asking do you have large or small hands? I have pretty small hands (I'm 5'6") and I can't decide. There aren't any CRK dealers near here to try them out. I have a few Spyderco Delicas if you are familiar with them. They fit my hand well. The small Seb is about the same size. What are we going to do?

mike biz
Hi mike biz,

I have small hands myself and I am leaning to the small regular with these in mind:
1- My clothing: I mostly wear slacks and pants made of light material. I only wear a jacket a couple of months a year during winter. If it is going to be my EDC, it better be as light as possible.

2- my cutting tasks: most of the time a small knife will do for me.

3- The people factor. I think the large is verging on the size of a fixed blade.

As much as I would love a do it all knife that will do in all situations, It looks like it is going to be a small regular.:eek:
The people factor is the big one...the large Seb while pretty as can be will wig out some sheeple people. Both large and small are very light compared to almost everything, hold William Henry.
I have small hands and bought the lg. Reg. Sebby. Fits like a glove. I have a lg. Classic with Bocote inlay coming and a NICA Tanto as well.I will probably buy some(you can never buy just one)smalls when I get my fill of the large.At last count I still have about 12-15 more of the large I want.