A real nice knife "Soocabana"

Apr 12, 2000
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Got it this am. Ivan thanks this is one nice knife. Yall take a look. I am really happy with this knife, and it is alot of knife for the money. The history behind the knife and the maker add alot to it. Below is Ivans write up on it. This was posted a while back but I could not find it to bring it BTTT

Hey Blues did I see you got one?

The knives - Possibly having its origins in the Mediterranean dirk, the Soocabanas are amonst the rarest brazilian knives, because, due to its costly and complex production, where the forged blade is inserted in a slot in the handle that is forged from a round bar,then pinned to it - was long abandoned in favor of cheaper,easier to produce knives. Due to the hard use they were put through, it is very hard to find a Sorocaban today in good or better grade.

The artisan - Even though more expensive, the Sorocabanas were still sought after for those who refused to trade quality for low price,and a few artisans, mostly blacksmith, kept making them, as it happened with Sr. Bíde,the last known artisan to offer this knives. Being almost 80 years old andworking in a blacksmith shop since his younger years, Sr. Bíde still has a large number of faithfull customers and his knives are famous throughout the region thanks to their high quality. Due to his age and poor health, Sr.Bíde was quite reluctant in accepting a large order like this, but I was finally able to convince him after insisting a lot.

Characteristics - The twenty knives in this batch will be built following traditional methods and from traditional materials.Its blades will be forged from plowshare discs and the handles will be made of black horn slabs.Thepins,liners between the horn slabs and tang and the decoration on the enterço (the area where the blade joins the handle)will be made of brass. The blade lenght will be between 10" and 11" but, except for the similarities in size and general construction, every knife is absolutely unique in its details, being made with no other pattern than that in the artisan's mind. Each knife will also come with a typical leather sheath made by a local artisan.


I am glad you all liked what you got.
And more Sorocabanas keep flying north, week after week!