A request for prayers.

Apr 26, 2001
I'm not one to normally do something like this, but my mom went into the hospital on Sunday after a stress test caused her bloodpressure to sky-rocket, they did an angiogram today to determine if one of her arteries is clogged. Well, her arterys came out clean, which leads them to believe it's her lungs. One of the possiblilities stated was emphazima. After my uncle died last year from cancer my mom (a 20+ year smoker) just started chain smoking who never exercises, and it's now looking like she smoked herself onto a tank of oxygen. The real kicker is she's only about 56!

Thanks Bob
Incoming, Bob.

So you'll know what's coming, they'll probably be checking her pulmonary function tests and arterial oxygen first thing to check up on her lungs. It will take at least a day to get them back, probably. If you need some help interpreting doctorese give me a yell.

Take heart, though . . . there are a lot of other possibilities for what you mentioned and there's a good chance it's not as bad as you think now.

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We will keep her in our prayers and the rest of your family too. God can certianly do great miracles. It has happened on this forum more than once. Uncle Bill is living proof.
Terry & Sandi

Hello, Bob

My mother had to make a heart surgery last year - exactly when I was in the US on a business trip - and so I know just how you feel.
Just keep calm and everuithing will end up well.
I think I can speak for us all when I say that you can be sure our best wishes are with you.

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May God hold your mother in his hand, may he also guide the doctors and nurses as they do their work. Lord, we pray for healing and comfort for her and her family.
Dear Bob,

Just want you to know that we have heard you, and you are not alone.

Love and prayers transcend time, distance and dimensions.

Make Love your strongest weapon. Compassion your shield and forgiveness your armour.