A Resource for Collectors?

Sep 9, 1999
I was wondering if people thought that a list of dealers and collectors of hard to find knives might not be a bad idea?
The 'Knives Wanted' and 'Knives For Sale' are helpful but a list might also be useful.
I know of AG Russell and Bob Tice but what about others? There must be more out there. If there was a readily available list of sources then surely this would be a great help to collectors? A list for Production knife suppliers and a list for Custom knife suppliers might be an idea.
What does everyone think?
This already exists in the Knives 99 etc series of annuals by Ken Warner. Any one who wants to be listed sends in the info and it is included.

Ken also includes an ongoing overview in the form of photos and editorial of where knifemaking is going and coming from.
Back issues are a real eyeopener.


I was thinking of a list devoted only to out of production items like Blackjack knives or various AlMar models or say Jimmy Lile custom knives.
I have several of the knives annuals and they are useful but not for what I was thinking of.
Dealers could send in details of hard to find models that they stock and an online resource could be created. A once yearly annual could not provide this info as it would be out of date too quickly.
Such a list would not be concerned with present production models but only with past production items.
I think you will see more of what you are suggesting as the internet evolves. Those of us that collect the Blackjack knives are trying to get something establised through Tom Carey's efforts. I suggest you continue using the search feature on your browser to find new sites as they come on line.