A Review of the Gunting Knife

Dec 19, 2000
I am writing to compliment, Guro Bram Frank, for the development of a superior, innovative
self defense tool, the Gunting Knife. I have had the opportunity to view four video tapes by Guro Frank on his Gunting Knife and I decided to wait before posting a review of the tapes, until I had an opportunity to work with the knife, which occured, yesterday.

The Gunting Knife, operates as advertised in the promo literature and on the video tapes by Guro Frank. It is superior, in usage to pocket sticks, kubatons, flashlights, balisongs and other folding knives for the self defense situations that it was intended to be used in.

The Gunting Knife is designed to used closed position, 80 - 90% of the time that it is utilized. There is not another knife on the market that has that has this sort of design capability! The gunting has impact, locking and cutting capabilities. The handle angles, ramps and horns are fully functional and meet their designed intentions.

For those people who have FMAs and JKD backgrounds, who are familiar with the gunting techniques that are part of those arts the Gunting Knife will fit right into your arsenal of empty hand techniques. If you have already been trained in the use of the pocket stick, the transition to the Gunting will be quite smooth. The surprise will be found in the additional mechanical advantage that you will gain in your locking manuevers on the hands and wrists. You have never had this good!

From the perspective of the empty hand gunting manuever with the outside to inside parry and inside to outside strikes to the muscles and/or nerve points on the inside of the opponete's arm... your impacts just got stronger and more precise, while your opponent's chances of shrugging off the hit just got diminished one hundredfold!! In fact, your opponent's natural, reflexive retraction, may pull his arm away from you, toward his center line, before you fan engage a second strike to the insid eof his arm! The Gunting Knife, make the old adage 'steel defeats flesh', come alive with new meaning.

This is a powerful tool to add to your arsenal of tricks and tactics. I am not telling that it beats the hell out of everything else on the market, but I telling you that it significantly increases your power and ability to defend yourself without resorting to going to a lethal action level and that was one of Guro Frank's design criteria in developing the Gunting Knife. He wanted a tool that could defeat and stop an assailant, with out putting that person in extreme, life threating jepordy.

A unique feature of the Gunting Knife, is the ability of the user to open the knife, using the energy and limbs of the opponent. This is called *kinetic opening*. As your oppponent, strikes and you angle awy to begin your counter-attack, you can open the Gunting blade by pressing the ramp of the blade against the opponent's arm and using a small arcing motion, around the arm.

Guro Frank, has taken this action still further, by developing the concept of "bio-mechincal cutting". This means that if you are in a serious injury-life threatening situation and you need to use the blade of the Gunting, then you cut the extenders and retractor muscles of the upper and.or lower arm, to imobilize the assailant's arm. If the assailant's are has been immobilized, it cuts down the number of options for him use to continue the confrontation. This is a very innovative tool ans self defense concept. It is certinly worth your consideration and investigation.

I would strongly recommend that you buy a copy of the tapes put out by Guro Frank. The Gunting is not just another knife and if you are going to use it, you need to know how to train with it safely. The tapes are designed to give you that information.

In addition I would add that you need to buy a copy of the red-handed Drone. This is the training knife, that was developed by Guro Frank to accompany the live blade. It is virtually impossible to train with live
blade. Someone is going to get nicked or cut! The 'kinetic opening' feature of the Gunting, makes using the Drone an absolute necessity, in order to train safely, to avoid those nicks and cuts.

The drone mechanism is identical to the live blade. The diference is in the red colored handle and the non-edge of the Drane. The live blade handle is colored black, this elimiating any doubts about which blade is being used in the training.

The instructional videos: "The Gunting: by Bram Frank, Volumes 1 - 3", are excellent in terms of quality and content. These videos are done with instruction as the primary consideration. There is none of the "I want you to impress the hell out of you..." metality present. Guro Frank, enlists the help and support of a number of people, all of who are in the inital learning phase of using the Gunting. This very helpful and encouraging.

There is also a fourth video that is avalible under the title:
"Spyderco presents: The Gunting by Bram Frank".

This video is also an introdction to the Gunting Blade is a Spyderco promotional, but again it is instructive and very useful. I can not stress enough the advantages that one will gain from purchasing the tapes and Drones for training with the Gunting Knife. The Gunting is a great innovative tools and it is easy to use, once you become familiar with it's parts.

You can contact George Denson at 1-800-340-9664 for the prices and other
details regardig the four videos. You can also vist their web site at

The one thing that Guro Frank and Spyderco needs to add to their package material that comes with the Gunting live blade or Drone is a description of the key parts of the knife. The ramp and horns, in particular, need to be distingushed. Beyond that point, I am convinced that the Gunting Knife is an excellent tool for self defense and I strongly recommend that you seriously consider checking it out, particularly, if you carry a folding knife for fun and self protection.

Professor B.
Jerome Barber, Ed.D.
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Thank you for your comment, Alan.

Professor B.
Jerome Barber, Ed.D.
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