A second ESEE-5?

Oct 12, 2008
I am over here in Iraq ( again) and thinking about getting another ESEE-5, I have one in my RAT PACK but I left it at home. Currently I have a Gerber LMFII on my kit and am thinking about upgrading to the 5.


RP 558
...you post in an ESEE forum. of course everyone is going to say go for it.

I have no experience with either knife, so I can't really say.
Arent you overloaded with gear as it is now? If i was you, id make do with the LMF, only because its abit lighter.
I had my LMFII for about 1 week and the overimolding started to peel on the handle.
Returned it and got a 5... been here ever since!

Get a second one. If you decide you have 1 too many, you should easily find someone to buy it from you.
*thanks for going (again)
*get another if you can
*as said - plenty will buy it from you later,
*especially with the "carry history" you'd have on yours!
Id say got for it. I carried a kabar last time in iraq and currently have the 5 on my kit. You really dont feel much of a difference in weight since its pretty much the lightest thing i have on me.
Go for it brother, that's just the place for the ESEE 5! Stay hard in the yard and make it back safe!

Semper Fi!
You could always get a ESEE 6, great field knife and when you get back you won't have 2 of the same thing.
not just yes, but hell yes!

there were some pix posted recently of the 5 being carried on a MOLLE thigh rig using the MOLLE back. that gets it off the beltline if that placement would conflict with other gear.
The 6 would be a great soldiers knife since it is lighter and offers deeper penetration, but either way would be a great upgrade from stainless steel gerber lmf 2.