A Sheath for a Fallknive S1

Mar 12, 1999
Just took delivery of a Fallkniven S1. It's a fine piece. But I'm terribly disappointed in the shabbiness of the cordura sheath. Anyone know of someone who can custom make a sheath, perhaps a kydex sheath.
Fallkniven's cordura sheaths come from the same shop as the cordura sheaths on Cold Steel's stainless fixed blades. I wouldn't call them shabby, but maybe some folks would like thicker walls front and rear. Fallkniven's leather sheaths come from somewhere in Spain, and are among the heaviest duty factory sheaths I've met. But they're not designed for quick draw - they grip the knife very firmly.

I've sent an F1 off to Edge Works for a Kydex sheath. I'll have something to say about it when I get it.

There are two people I can highly reccomend for Kydex knife scabbards.

The first is Frank Sigmond. He works with kydex and nylon. He has the most extensive line of real world deisgns in use by a lot of the Military Special Operations Community. His systems have been in use around the world and stand the test of time. He makes the original scabbard system for the Carson U2.

He can be reached at:

S&S Enterprises
Edge Guard Tactical Carry System
P.O. Box 589
Granite Falls,NC 28360
Phone: 828-396-1266 Fax: 828-396-9880

The other person I can reccomend is Frank Olesen. He makes knife scabbards and tactical kydex for pistols and accessories.
His work is being used by numerous Federal law enforcement organizations and Marine military units as well as several tactical knife makers.

He can be contacted at:

Concealment Solutions
P.O. Box 8422
Spokane, WA 99203

Phone: 509-534-6113

Good Luck,

Just a little name correction, I think it's Frank Sigman. And I recommend his work highly (but pricey).