A Special Production Knife (Factory Seconds)

Mar 23, 2000
The "Racing Red AutoClip" (with black TiNi blade) -- A limited production Factory Second from SOG! :cool:

Thumbnailed Image

Here's a quote from our Factory Seconds web page:
We just completed selling out a very popular Special Edition knife here on the "Factory Seconds" page. The Green TiNi AutoClip (see picture here) garnered such strong interest, SOG decided to present a similar model here for sale.

Get ready sports car enthusiasts, for a color combination never before seen from SOG for a limited time, we are making available a limited run of Red TiNi X-42 AutoClips! Yes, you read that correctly. SOG's stunning, fiery "Ferrari" red AutoClip handles are being coupled with jet-black TiNi coated BG-42 blades. This knife looks at home working around any thoroughbred sports car in the world. Easily coming to mind is a winning team of the classic Ferrari 308 and this SOG Racing Red AutoClip! With this team, who could lose?

Bright Red! The visual statement of this knife's handle is a bold and flashy one, like catching site of a bright red Ferrari as it thunders from a corner! Jet Black! The visceral effect of black leather upholstery as one swings open a Ferrari¹s door to enter the cockpit, brings to us the same raw emotions as when this jet-black blade is drawn from within the handle. The combination truly makes the knife look like it was designed specifically for racing teams or sports car owners. But using this knife will be like strapping yourself in for a spirited ride, for you know that BG-42 is a serious performing blade with its edge retention making it a thoroughbred! You¹d better hold on!

Unlike the green AutoClips that were of "new production quality," these Racing Red AutoClips are true "Factory Seconds." Like all our Factory Seconds, they're stunningly beautiful and in this case, they only entered the "Factory Seconds" program because of minor anomalies in the TiNi coating.

Let me know what you guys think of this knife model and let me know what you think of these periodic "special" models.
Dang...I wish I wasn't broke :(...I'd buy one of those red handled AutoClip knives in a heartbeat. That is one cool-looking knife!
Very nice indeed! Which makes me wonder why this wasn't done earlier??!

Krizzard, out.

"...Whoever kills with the sword must be killed by the sword... "
- The New Testament, Revelation 13:10
Very cool!:eek:
I hope the copy writer was paid by the word! I was sold on the knife before even seeing the picture!!!:p
Plain Edged as well!!!
I think I will need to get me one!
Let me know what you guys think of this knife model and let me know what you think of these periodic "special" models.

Hey Ron, I like the looks of this special model. Way cool! Makes me want to get one. These periodic "special" models are really cool. It's nice to see SOG providing them to us.