A special toast to my grandparents

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    My grandparents met in Missouri in the forties. My grandfather got work in Alaska as a pilot and traveled there alone to find a home. My grandmother was still in Missouri. He found a place in Yakutat and sent for my grandmother. She traveled to the west coast where she boarded a ship to Alaska to meet him. They were married in Juneau on January 22, 1948. They started their life there and had my mother. A couple years later my aunt was born. While on the ship to Alaska my grandmother got this small bottle of Black and White scotch. They had planned to save this bottle until their 50th anniversary and drink it together. They retired and built a house in the mountains of northern Colorado. We spent holidays and summers there while I was growing up. We had lots of special times and made great memories there together. My grandfather passed in the early 80's. My grandmother passed in the late 90's. They never got to celebrate their 50th together. The house was sold and our time there ended. Fifteen years went by and my aunt saw that the house went up for sale. She bought it. Now we all get to go and spend time back in the place we loved so much. I now go there several times every year and enjoy the place I loved so much as a child. A few years ago my mother gave me the bottle and told me this story. She told me she wanted me to have it and to do whatever I wanted with it. I held onto it for a quite a few years not knowing what I should do with it. This summer on one of my many trips there I decided to drink the scotch. I climbed up on a big rock pile behind the house with a couple good friends. I remembered all the great times we had together there as a family while I drank it. I know my grandparents were smiling as I toasted their life together.
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    Wow man! thanks a special story, thank you for sharing it! Glad I finally got the chance to meet you guys. :thumbsup:
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    Awesome stuff my friend. We need to share a drink at trackrock
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    That's a nice story.
    Thanks for sharing it with us.
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    Count on it Bob. I'm looking forward to meeting you.
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    Loved reading that! Thanks for sharing :)
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    Thanks for sharing such a wonderful story, good times, and beloved family.
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    That is so cool brother! I bet the buzz you had doing that was better than any buzz you can have. Remembering the good times with great family and friends. It's awesome how things work out like that. Thanks for sharing!!!
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