A "Swedge" is.....???

Mar 12, 1999
What is a "swedge"? Does the BM Nimravus have a swedge? What's it's purpose?
A swedge is an unshapened suggestion of an edge along the spine of a blade. This is commonly mislabeled as a "false edge", but a false edge is sharpened. You can see pictures on my web site. Look in the filing cabinet and then look in the "definitions" page.

Here is another web site that gives excellent definitions of cutlery terminology:

The purpose of a swedge is to make stabbing easier. While it's not sharpened, the swedge still reduces the resistance as the blade is thrust. It does so without making the blade "double edged" which often has legal implications.

The swedge also allows the blade to be sold as single-edged (again, double-edged blades sometimes face legal problems), and then the buyer can later sharpen the swedge himself with only common tools if he so chooses.

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