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A Very Special Blade

Mar 22, 2002
Soon, very soon Yangdu is going to be able to offer for sale what could be the rarest kukri ever seen. I guess to truly appreciate the CAK coming, you'd have to handle it. Yep, it really is that rare.

Yangdu's been working with knives for many years now, hasn't she? Ever since she and Bill started Himalayan Imports. I can't imagine how many blades have gone through the trailer in Reno, and out of their human hands, but it's a big bunch. You have to be very careful with these heavy instruments, and even then most likely you'll recieve a cut. And that's just what happened; Yangdu went outside to her garden to take some photographs of Sgt. Khadka's CAK, and she got bit. Pretty deep, too, her blood splashed all over the kukri. Index finger, for those who want to know.

So now we have a blade blessed twice; once when it was made, and in the Garden today. I don't recall seeing a baptised blade in these pages, but it must have happened before; just not so spectacular.

A geniune Yangdu for Peace kukri.

I wonder if she'd be willing to offer these on a regular basis?

"Sgt Khadka's blades are just too sharp," she told me.

If you're into blades with blood pitting, I have a few. My blood incidentally and no, they're not for sale. It seems to be the good ones that usually get me.
Sorry to hear about the mishap. Hope Yangdu heals soon. Perhaps this is a ritual best reserved for special occasions. I'm not a medical doctor, but I think blood usually works best when it's on the inside. :)

I feel for Yangdu. Hope it wasn't too serious. It's happened to me, as well.


In one word what I learned from the ER guys after slipping and unwapping my YCS: Superglue.
there's no such thing as too sharp, or too long lasting as far as edges go :)

yar. a new model. rare. a cak you say? well. chiruwa ang khola. but a rare one. mmm. 6 feet long! :)

and yangdu, please count carefully and don't ship a finger :) heal fast :}


Yangdu is not hurt, guys, it's just a deep cut. She thought it was kind of funny, maybe out of relief of it not being bad, or maybe because when you get cut it always strikes you as a surprise. Who'd imagine that? Working with knives and you get cut?
As crazy as it sounds, when I cut myself it's always a surprise, the last thing I expected.

dang...I'm surrounded by knives every day as well and do cut myself all the time.

Blessings to Yangdu...it's no fun having taped fingers....:(
At least she doesn't have to worry about forgetting, and stuffing her hands in the pockets of her jeans the way men do.

For some reason, I almost never get cut.

For some reason, I almost never get cut.
Maybe you don't try hard enough?:D

I don't get cut much either, and my cuts have so far only come from little knives. Whittling, cutting something in the kitchen; not from chopping with a khuk. Moments of inattention.

My 8-year-old was whittling something just before Christmas and nicked his finger. Even before getting his first pocket knife a year ago we'd talked about knife safety etc., but this was the first cut. Baptism. What to do?

First, wrapped some tissue 'round the finger and applied pressure, to stop the bleeding. Second, made sure Mom was upstairs; she's skeptical about this knife stuff, and doesn't really like the lad having a blade of his own yet.

But third, it was a great "teachable moment." Stuff happens - showed him the little scars on my hands, mostly accumulated when I was about his age. I'd be a lousy crook - one fingertip has a line down the middle, where the two halves of a cut didn't line up exactly. I'd known how to sharpen, seemingly.

Nat learned that getting a little nick isn't a big deal, and that he's braver than he thought. And also learned that there's some value in the old man's advice about keeping your fingers safe(r).

Baptism does hurt a bit, sometimes - it's supposed to be an initiation into new life, new awareness, new knowledge. If he's got a little white mark now to remind himself, so much the better.
I seem to get cut a lot. All the best to you Yangdu.

It was a pretty AK.
Has the "blessed" CAk been sold yet??


Blessings to ya Yangdu..I tend to get cut alot and it isnt fun!!!

OHH yea..Hollow...get yourself some Dermabond bro...lots better than superglue!!!
Thank you all for good thoughts
The khuk safety thread saved me yesterday. I had just received a BRKT Slither(one of the sharpest knives I own) and was putting it into the leather sheath it came with. As I was putting it in I was thinking WOW this sheath is deeper than I thought. I look at the sheath and there is two inches of razor sharp steel sticking out the bottom. Fortunately, I was holding the sheath by the spine keeping my hand away from the edge and point. BRKT is going to replace the sheath under warranty.
Wow. That is a interesting thread. I see by my post I was reluctant about the whole blood and blade issue. Remember the myth about always having to taste blood before resheathing the blade?
But now I've lightened up. It's a damn good blade with or without Yangdu's blood on it!

The same thing happened to me with the Movie model. Something felt strange as I put it in the sheath, and I look down to seen 4 inches of steel shining our the side.

I have a Bura Samsher that Uncle Bill mentioned in a post, that cut Yangdu that same day pretty well. I have the little note she included with it saying essentially "This one is sharp! Watch yourself." :D