A Victorinox triple-play -- 1st post in the SwissBianco forum

Discussion in 'SwissBianco' started by bozhidar47, Sep 15, 2016.

  1. bozhidar47


    Aug 15, 2016
    I joined BF in August this year, and only gained a strong interest in knives during the summer. Thought I would write about a good couple of days I had at the mailbox and front door last week. I've been awaiting a trio of Victorinox items for a while now, and all are in hand at last.

    SAK Farmer
    My knife collection is still quite small, but I've now added a new Victorinox knife. It's only my third SAK, and it joins my 33-year-old Climber model multi-tool, and my recently-purchased Pro Hunter model. Here is my Farmer in Silver Alox ribbed color. Silver is probably my most favorite color, barely ahead of black and grey. The knife is the exact same size as my Climber, with slightly less and different multi-tools. The saw blade was a surprise to me....very sharp, and I'm certain it has the same high quality & long-lasting stainless steel I've enjoyed in my first SAK for so many years.



    Victorinox Sheath
    Ah, this belt-carry case is the perfect size/fit and color for my silver Farmer. Of course, it also will hold my Climber. I happened to find this case at Knife Port, and knew it was a great match for my color likes!


    Victorinox Sharpener
    I've never sharpened knives before with my own equipment; usually had them sharpened at some shop. Decided I'd like to learn, and I started very simply. I purposefully looked at hand-held Victorinox sharpening tools, and found a basic model (no picture). I'll try it out first on some of my older knives, and go from there. I still think I may someday try a more quality kit such as the Lansky. But for this newbie, basic & simple is a good place for now.

    So this has been my "triple-play" for September. It was a good week for my small SAK collection!:thumbup:
    And glad to be a member now on BF! Have a great day.

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