A1 FallKniven - Indonesian customs problems?

Jan 23, 2000
Does anyone know or know where I can find the laws concerning Indonesia and Knives (specifically Sualwesi). Would a A1 Fallkniven be allowed to be carried(in luggage) ???

One place to try is http:www.state.gov

This is the website for the US State Dept.

Other suggestions are to contact the Indonesian Embassy in the UK, and your country's Foriegn Ministry. Any info from the British Embassy in Indosnesia will be good. Compare the info between the Indonesian Embassy and the British Embassy -- it may differ.

Hope this helps, and good luck!


Brian Jones
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AFAIK, there is no explicit law against bringing a knife in luggage, you just have to report it. Even if you don't report it, according to my experience, and as long as it's not a (valuable) sword or something, they won't make fuss about it. My only problem was when I brought 30 something knives (most of them were folding knives) about a couple of years ago. But that had something to do with Trade laws and not of safety concerns. My friend with a 9" fixed blade and 2 folding knives was okay.

If you're visiting a protected National Park, a clear (and translated, if you have any access) Special Permit accompanied by Expedition Property manifest is usually more than sufficient. The ultimate source for the laws are of course, like Brian mentioned, your Foreign Ministry, along with both Indonesian and British Embassy.

It is possible, of course, for officials in any country to be irrational or hostile, and there's a lot of free-floating political anger in Indonesia, so exercise caution at all levels.

Sulawesi and Indonesia in general are places where people do tropical agriculture, and so are places where there are already a lot of big chopping knives in circulation as essential tools. . . and weapons too. I can't see how introducing nine more inches of sharp edge into such a place would make a lot of difference in public safety.

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What James says here is very true -- that's why you must check with your own embassy in the country: they will give you the "lowdown" on things, not just the letter of the law....