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A1 First impressions

Jan 8, 2000
Well, the package arrived today, and I could barely wait to get the Fallkniven in my hands since no one carries it in my state and I had yet to even see one in real life.

From the reviews, I was expecting the sheath to be only slightly superior to stapled cardboard, but I actually liked the cordura sheath. (I haven't worn it for any length of time, so there's still plenty of time for me to hate it)

When I pulled it out under the noon sun (bad Greg, I opened it outside the post office!), it was shiny as a mirror. I wrapped my hand around the handle, and it fit well enough, but felt really light. That was probably because it's so well balanced, but it made me wonder if maybe I had been sent the wrong knife.

Looking at it, it seemed indeed much smaller than I expected it to be. When I got home, I measured it, and sure enough, the blade was the full 6 1/4 inches. I realized it seemed short because the stock was so darn thick (a full quarter inch by my ruler).

The blade on it was truly spectacular; I've purchased quite a few CS knives, and they're always sharper than sharp itself. This was right up there.

The ergonomics are nice enough, but there's no room to really "choke up" on the blade, as the edge starts quite close to the single guard. When I whittled a branch, however, I found that all I needed to do was place my thumb on the fat back of the blade edge and keep my index finger safely behind the half guard and I was happy with the leverage I got.

Next camping trip, I'll put it through the full paces, but so far I really like it. I have to keep reminding myself that it is longer than it looks and feels. My wife loves it, and told me right away "You're not going to sell this one too, are you?"

Guess not.

I'll let you all know how well it survives a night in the mountains with me.

Hey Happy...

It is truely a nice blade for the price. My first impressions of the AI were very much the same.. I now carry mine everywhere I go...

Have fun..

ttyle Eric...

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Mr. Happy

Sounds like one hell on a knife, Enjoy it.

I myself am partial to the Chris Reeve line of fixed blades. For the price and quality the Fallkniven sound like a nice companion.

Be carefull. A friend of mine always cuts himself while playing with his new knives. Practice safe cutting and be kind to the blade. If you treat your knife well it will always be by your side.


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