A2 satin or BB Infi - rust prone ?

Aug 29, 2003

I was reading past topics about it but i have never found any direct comparision, I am considering to buy Double Cut (BB) Busse Active Duty or Chris Reeve - Shadow3 (kalgard, but with satin edge).

I want to know, which ones should i expect to be more rust prone ? i read about Infi beeing "moderate rust resistant" but what about that BB finish vs A2?

Thanks for all your answers and sorry if I messed about in my English,
A beadblasted finish on a stainless knife is more prone to rust than a satin finish. My Kershaw Vapor, which has a beadblasted AUS6 blade even rusts. I imagine it'd be even worse on a carbon steel knife.
I got the exact opposite answer concerning the Busse Double Cut finish vs the Satin finish when I asked specifically about that on the Busse forum. The unanimous vote was that the Double Cut was more corrosion resistant.

Sorry, I know nothing about A2 steel to answer that part of your question.
A-2 will rust if neglected. INFI is more rust resistant from reports, tests and my limited experience w/ a Badger Attack. A smoother surface, as observed above, is less likely to rust. (Bark River knives in A-2 come with a high polish to help prevent rust.)