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Oct 4, 1998
Reading the posts concerning the dissatisfaction of some dealers reminded me of the great service that I received from ABC that I feel bears repeating:

Last year when the Microtech Nemsis was introduced I was called by ABC and offered one at going retail price. This was a satin serialized model. I was given the serial number of the knife available that I would be receiving and several days later when I received the package I noticed that the serial number was higher than the one I had ordered. I was happy that I received the nemesis knife and didn't think anything about it until a couple of days later I saw on the "forum for sale board" a Nemsis, with the exact serial number for sale that I had been promised by ABC.

I called ABC and inquired about the wrong knife I received and after talking with ABC, they realized that they had gotten the order mixed up and shipped the same model knife with the wrong serial number to the wrong customer. ABC actually suggested that they would call the customer that had the knife I was supposed to have received, and they made arrangements with both the customer and myself to ship our knives back to him and he made the exchange of knives to both of us.

I don't know what if anything he promised the other customer for making the exchange but I appreciated both ABC for the service that was provided, as well as the understanding of the fellow forum member who sent that particular knife back for exchange.

Friends, that is what this forum breeds amongst ourselves! And for that I thank all of you who participate, as well as Mike Turber, Spark, and all the moderators.

Oh yes I remeber this well. We really screwed up. Actually we sold both knives the same day and I had packed the boxes and mixed the two up. It was no heroic work on our part. We just simply goofed and we had an obligation to make it right. We were very lucky the other customer understood what had happened as we had already told him what serial number he would be getting too and he understood how he would of felt in your position.

Glad we made lemonaid out of lemons that time. We do make mistakes from time to time. It is what you do after you make a mistake the makes the difference.

We actually close our store, wwhich was open to the public in December. We know only sell through the internet and our ads. With forums such as these it is even more important now to have good customer service. It is kind of like knowing you are being watched so you better do your best each and every time or it could come back to haunt you.

Thanks for you kind and generous words. They do not go unnoticed.

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