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About fillet knives

Feb 1, 2000
Hey, I like the new look and software! I'm making some fillet knives with micarta handles and SS bolsters. I was going to pin and solder the bolsters but it occured to me that the solder may not be entirely corrosion resistant. (These fillet knives are intended for hard, saltwater use.) Would I be better off using something like JB weld along with the pins? The bolsters definitley have to be sealed against saltwater intrusion.

Question two concerns making the blade and heat treat. I usually make my blades with files and then heat treat. Since I'm using 440C I can't heat treat these myself so I will have to go to a friends shop who has a heat treating oven. Do I risk warping by filing the bevels and then heat treating? I'm using 3/32" 440C and I'm wondering now if 1/16" might not have been better. It has occured to me that with this thiner stock I could harden and temper first and then grind the bevels at my friends shop on his Wilton or ProCut if I were careful to keep the blades cool ( I unfortunately don't have a grinder at my home yet.)

Any suggestions?

Guy Thomas
Your idea of using JB Weld is a good one...It should work fine in this situation...

Using the thicker steel should not be a problem...How long is the blade?...More than 5 inches or so and it will give added support...

I would grind and then do the heat treat but you can grind after heat treat on a blade like this...You will be removing so little metal...Just keep it cool like you said!:)

Running Dog
I've always used JB Weld on my fillet knives. (and most others too)...I built one a couple of months ago for a friend who wanted a certain look...(No Pins) he also doesn't take care of anything. It's held up so far and I expect it to far outlast him.

I agree with Running Dog, you will be removing so little steel I think you will be OK after Heat treat. Good luck and show Pics.
The blades are going to be 6 1/2" long. With a strong distal taper I should get some flexibility toward the tip and I wanted it a little stout near the handle anyway.
I've been asked to make at least three of these so i may try soldering one and using JB on another for the bolsters. Don't hold your breath for pictures, I've had a hard time lately finding time to work on knives.:( If they work out the way I want them to I think they will be quite nice. I just remembered I need to fix my drill press before I do to much, the track for the table came loose from it's collar and bowed out the last time I used it.:p