? about hardcoat on aluminum handled BM knife

Oct 5, 1998
I posted this question on Shop Talk, but received no answer. I hope one of the 3000plus people here can assist me.

I have a friend who has a Benchmade with the aluminum handles, and he is unhappy with the chalky feel of his hardcoat. He wants to smooth out the feel of the handle. I would think you could use a 1200 grit sandpaper or so, and just lightly sand it smooth. But I'm not sure. Any ideas please pass them on and I'll let my friend know.


A good bit of advice from the good Doctor Welch: Take a regular pencil eraser and rub the handle down with it.

It works!


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A simple metal polish such as Flitz brand will do the job. Try testing on the area directly beneath the pocket clip if applicable. This spot on my BM Leopards and Cubs seem to grip too much, preventing a quick and smooth draw from the pants pocket. A little polish and some good rubbing smoothed it out pretty easily. Good luck!


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I am not familiar with the BM hardcoat but it sounds like the finish on the MicroTechs I owned. I found the feel unpleasantly "chalky" as well. An occasional treatment with Armorall (sp ?) fixed it and gave the handles a deeper, blacker look.
Works on Zytel and G10, too.

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