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Abrasion resistant gloves.

Jul 26, 2005
I work as a package handler for FedEx, and I hate using the gloves they supply. they're effective, and they are free, but they are big, and my hands are not. every other day the fingers will get stuck in a strap and end up getting yanked off my hand.:mad:

I used my Setwear Pro Leather gloves for a while. that ended up being an expensive experiment. they lasted about 2 weeks. they were almost brand new. they suffered accelerated wear on all finger tips (not just thumb, index, and middle), the side of the index and middle fingers, and palm side below the thumb.

so I'm looking for something that:
1. comes in a small
2. Is very abrasion resistant (think how dull your knife gets after cutting 500 cardboard boxes)
3. Is breathable
4. Is washable
5. Dexterity would be nice.
6. Costs less than 20 cents/hour. (lasts 2.5 months@ $40)

I've found these:Damascus Gear D911 and they look ideal except for dexterity (maybe).

and these:X-1 V-force Which look good too, aside from being excessivley "tactical"

I must admit the Damascus Gear page kind of had me drooling:eek:

Does anybody else know of another solution/better glove/different manufacturer, I should look at?

Thanks in advance
I have used some Ironclad gloves similar to the Youngstown Handler XT Gloves, I picked up about 5 years ago, usually just handling metal until I get it de-burred. I’ve never tried to wash the Ironclad’s as they don’t see that much use, I have washed some similar “hi-tech” gloves from Duluth Trading, follow the directions and it seems to wash fine and not shrink. The sight you posted has pretty good prices, I don’t know if Rutland (http://www.shoprutlandtool.com) will have anything similar, but I have bought quite a bit of tools and supplies from them with no problems.

We tried some different gloves here in our maintenance dept and none lasted very long. They were Mechanix brand with the leather palm and fingertip type. Now I just grab a pair of those cotton with plastic dots from production. They last about as long as the Mechanix brand. I got a pair of deerskin gloves that are about 10 years old. I don't use em at work but they've seen some abuse, handling wood, tow chains, cable, yard work etc. Aside from the dirt and stains, they're still in great shape.