ac kukri


Sep 20, 2000
i was just wondering if anyone has ever had the experience with the atlanta cutlery knukri i have. i bought a few and when i received them the worse than what i expected. they came with military contractor papers and i seriously wonder if they were legitimate. the tangs were crooked the blades were rusted (on all three) and two out of three handles were cracked. i know you cant expect much for the money($23 or so), but they didnt look anything like their intenet pics. Unfortunately when i spoke to ac about they told me they sell too many of them to be concerned about it. to say the least i dont think i'll be doing any buisness with them again. can anyone tell me where i can get a real kukri that is good quality, but not too expensive???
Try checking out the <a href="" target="_blank">Himalayan Imports Forum.</a> I have four of their khukuris and haven't been able to even mark them up a little. A friend of mine bet me that he could break one of them (sold as a blem, for a discount) by chopping up a fallen tree with it. He's a big guy and I'm not, so I let him try. He couldn't do it either. As for the pricing issue, they also carry "Villager Khukuris" which usually aren't nearly as pretty as the normal HI line, but apparently perform very well and are much cheaper. "Uncle Bill" Martino is always a pleasure to deal with. Check them out!
I would advise you to check out both the Gurka House Forum and the Himalayan Imports Forum on this site. Both of these sites offer GREAT Khukris, and both men that run them are of the finest type. You could not go wrong at either place. Good luck in your search. I think that once you check out these sites, your only problem will be which blade to get first. Then the fun begins.

Check out the two forums mentioned. For the price of the 3 AC's you might have been able to get a blem from H.I. These are almost alway heavier, stronger, and better performing blades than the AC khukuri. Sometimes you get lucky and get an excellent AC khukuri.

I would seriously doubt the truth about AC's claims. The khukuri's didn't match the drawings the last time I looked.