May 23, 1999
Thanks guys and gals for the positive feedback!
Frantium was the first. It takes nerve to be the first . I have plenty of estrogen and plenty of good fight.I also have good technical knowledge about knives.
I will be away for two weeks but will be back with full force to continue posting.
Best regards, to my new family of friends.
Welcome Sharplady, Some of the replys to your post were very mean, but I think the guys just didn't understand, and thought you were playing a joke or were trying to make money, as it was your first post. Glad your still with us!

Hi there!

And I think a 970 can be a rescue knife too. Also good for a right-handed horticulturalist.

BTW, the Spyderco team's active participation here began with them being "severely criticized" by some folks over their pricing, so there's precedent.

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Welcome aboard Sharplady.

JohnyKwstk, Kewl broadsword emoticon!

Stay safe and all the best, Phil <-----<
It's nice to see that you weren't scared off, that's a sign of a mature person! You will find this forum can become very family-like in its warmth, so please feel free to share whatever knife knowledge you have. You will also learn a thing or two from the many knowledgeable persons here, as we have a vast melting pot of knife knowledge to share with you. Looking forward to your posts...


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Honey, I swear that's the last knife I'm going to buy... :).