Addicted INFI users...

Nov 2, 2005
What is your favorite 6"+ blade for field use? I finally used my fusion steel heart. I was a small blade and hatchet guy, but I love that FSH. Ive been using a folding saw to cut wood and the FSH to batton through. I have a FBM that i havent used yet...
So, whats yours and why?
The AK47 is the only INFI I own so far, so my favorite +6" blade would be the AK47:D
I really like the overall feel and heft of my FBM's but for field carry my Mud Razor is the Chit!
My Mud Razor is Awesome. My Mini Eu-17 feels great in my hand but I have not had a chance to beat on it.

My Satin Jack Tac is nice but it doesn't fit my hand as well and the ballence doesn't seem as nice.

I have a feeling that my SOW will be a contender for the title. My new Mojo will be interesting but I think it's a bit too large for regular carry. I'm sure my FBM's will be too large for regular carry but they will be great when I do carry them.
BattleRat- great blade, ResC takes the bite out of chops... at a price i dont mind beating her up...

I know the FBM would take over as favorite once i use her... the Mags let me really grip/control, but have not done it yet...
My favorite +6" blade is a FSH. Why ? I just love the way it feels and handles.
I really like the overall feel and heft of my FBM's but for field carry my Mud Razor is the Chit!

I have to agree with this man on these two knives! I think the Mud Razor is grossly overlooked and is a great knife.

But for me, the way I use knives, I generally carry a Badger or smaller knife if I'm moving around, like backpacking. If weight isn't an issue then why not.... a FBM!

My favorite Busse 6+" is my Mud Razor

Although I only own 3 Busse's:

MOASH Variant (never used)

The HHFSH is the best chopper but the MudRazor is best for everything else (I think)

Mud Razor is easier to manipulate for me. The balans of this knife makes it very fast/quick.

For chopping you really need the heft of a FSH or even 'bigger' HHFSH or FBM
SHBM- It's done everything I've ever needed it to do in the woods.
2nd- Nuke Heeart Variant- more sheeple friendly with almost the same chopping ability

Bob Mills
I'm with my bro Westllen on this, gotta be the STRipper! That and my HHFSH are my constant outdoor companions (I still keep a hatchet nearby, I'm old-school like that;) ).
SJTAC-LE. Comes in on the nose at 6", but it's a great field knife.
Right now my combat blade of choice is the SJT. The non HOG versions are light, fast, and stout, and the HOGDCSJT and HOGLESJT are just brutally sturdy combat blades.

For sporting field use, I have a BIBB. I feel it gives me Steel Heart cutting edge, and sacrifices some chopping ability for easy to carry light weight. But I have a GB wildlife in that daypack :D so no worries!
No camera sorry. Maybe I can get Uncle Hammy to get a pic (outside) at the next INFI 1500 in less than 2 weeks;)

Bob Mills