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Address for Boker service?

Jul 17, 1999
Does anyone have an address where a Boker (German) knife may be sent for warranty work?

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Send e-mail to bokerusa@worldnet.att.net and ask the same question. I am sure they will reply soon.
The address I'm showing on the Warranty
card is
Boker USA, Inc.
1550 Balsam Street
Lakewood, CO. 80215-3117

Hope this will help thier phone # is 303-462-0662

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Thanks, David and Roger! I'm sure between the two I'll get some response.

"To grow older is inevitable.To grow UP is optional."

I sent an E-mail to them and got this address in reply:

1550 Balsam Street,
Lakewood, CO, 80215

Hope this helps.