Adjustable workrest


Nov 3, 2000
I have a new Bader BIII and am in need of an adjustable workrest. The Bader workrest is fixed at 90 degrees. Any idea's ?

You might be in luck. Check with Koval Knives. I know he has them for the Square Wheel but I think he also has them for the Bader also. It is not listed in the catalogue so you'll need to call them.

Good luck,

Rob had some luck with koval,they are kind enough to carrie his grinder,good job Rob I am glad to see some one from the forums making
some good coin off there HOBBIE !!!!
There are also adapter arms available for the hollow grinding attachment that you may have seen advertised. I don't use the attachment any more, but the arm works super for adapting tables to a Burr-King 960, even better than the Burr-King arm. I think I got it from Koval, and I believe they make one for the Bader. Whether or not it is adjustable for tilt on the Bader, you'd have to ask Koval.