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Oct 2, 1998
Hey folks!

I've been noticing a lot of people have been directing our members to other sites where they can find the information that they are looking for.

I would ask that if you are going to do so, please include a direct link to the subject matter, as it would save time for the person searching for the information. Please read the FAQ and <a href="">UBB Code information</a> for methods to do this.

Also, be sure to post relavent information that you have here, instead of just saying "Oh, go look over here about 30 days or so ago...", you'll make it that much easier for the person in question.

Finally, some of you may not know about the "quote" feature of this software. To use it, simply check out the <a href="">UBB code page</a>. Copy and paste the text you want to share with everyone, surround it with the QUOTE and /QUOTE tags, and you will get something like the following:
I personally think that this knife, the Super Slicer, is much better than this knife, the Ultra Hacker

Hope this helps...


Kevin Jon Schlossberg
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Thanks forthe info Spark, but I question your means there....

When I handled the Super Slicer I found it way to big, unable to take an edge, and of the wrong blade design to do any sort of reasonable cutting.
However the Ultra Hacker I was pleasently suprized with, and it did take an edge, one you could cut the hottest of butter with, and didnt dull after choping on 4 entire sticks of hot butter!
I think the Ultra Hacker is definatly the better deal in that one


Mouse Assassins inc.

I must differ with both.

The Rombotron Ninja Death-Monger is superior to both the blades mentioned and can be found in many more retail stores, another benefit.

In fact, I whittled one whole twig before I had to replace it..... Lucky for me a fine retail establishment was right around the corner.

Oh, and thanks for the tip on the UBB, I think I will add it to my newer, improve, shorter sig....

Marion David Poff fka Eye

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You guys are so naive. The Rambotron is a weak ripoff of the Ultra Hacker, which is in turn nothing more than a misaligned, klunky, Kratoneptic spazzflapper compared to my own personal favorite, the Kershaw Lunker Chum.

Luv ya tons,
David Rock

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